Thursday, 28 January 2010

Some Book-Like Things

As I'm currently reading a semi-longish book and it's not really catching my interest, it'll be a bit longer till I can pump out a review. (Hopefully by Saturday for Historic Saturday). But in the meantime, I'm just BURSTING with excitement over book-like things.

1. The Iron King. I've seen this book EVERYWHERE. And I mean, EVERYWHERE. If you went to The Story Siren's blog, it was one of the first things you saw. I wasn't into it until about two days ago when I actually, REALLY looked at it. Then I decided I HAD to have it. So, I reserved it at one of my local Barnes and Nobles (one is already out of stock) and when I go to the mall tomorrow, I'll be picking it up. :) I'm insanely excited about this. Like, you don't even know.

2. I'm going SHOPPING tomorrow. While shopping in general isn't all that exciting, there is a REALLY BIG Barnes and Noble. The YA section is very small, but while I'm there I get to buy myself a gift card so I can get books online. So, those'll be here next week.

3. I found this book that's only available in the UK(in book form) and it sounds like it is epic. So, I'm ordering it from The Book Depository. But obviously there are no giftcards for less than $10 but more than $5 (that I know of). While exploring the site, I realized that the UK (where The Book Depository is based) releases some stories earlier than in the US. Which means I get to buy ANOTHER general gift card to preorder these books (one of which is not coming out in the US from what I can tell) and order the book and it will be here in two-ish weeks? We'll see what happens. But, I really wanted to let you all know that if you can order from The Book Depository, check there and see if any books that aren't out yet will be released sooner from there.

And that's my bookish news. Anybody else have anything interesting to tell? Or know of any other UK only books I can ogle at?


  1. Sorry, not much knowledge about UK books, but you can always check out Becky from The Bookette! She has some great suggestions on her UK debut author list. :)
    And, ahh, The Iron King!! I've reserved my copy too and can't wait to read it. Now I just have to rush out and pick it up soon... Hope you enjoy!

  2. Ooh now I will be looking for books coming out in UK sooner. I just found out The Iron King is available on Amazon and I am excited too!

  3. Jenn--I actually just found out the sequels to The Pale Assassin are currently NOT set to be released in America. I wonder if it counts as a UK book now...



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