Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Waiting On Wednesday (9)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme started by Breaking the Spine.
Losing Faith by Denise Jaden

Release date: September 7th 2010

Summary: When Brie's sister, Faith, dies in a fall from a cliff, Brie's world falls apart. As she goes through the bizarre and devastating process of mourning the sister she never understood, Brie must also contend with increasingly distant parents, her boyfriend's betrayal, and her sudden outcast status at school.

And once she's over the initial shock of Faith's death, Brie is encountering more questions than closure. Certain facts about the way Faith died just don't line up. She soon uncovers Faith's role in a dark and twisted religious cult...a cult that now wants Brie as a member.

Okay, first of all, how gorgeous is that cover? I know, I know, we're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover but admit it - a pretty cover sure helps make you want a book more or draws you in... Denise posted the cover on her livejournal and as soon as I saw it, it instantly made it onto my Amazon wish list and after reading the summary, I really want to read it more, it's different from stuff I've read before and it sounds really interesting.



  1. wow, yes that cover is rather gorgeous!
    I like the bit of sinister mystery entwined with the story

  2. This looks like it will be amazing!

  3. This is such a beautiful cover! I love the sound of it :)

  4. Official cover! Yay! It IS pretty :)



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