Saturday, 16 January 2010

What Do I READ?

So many books, so little time. I have 11 books sitting here next to me (well, kind of diagonally) all waiting patiently to be read. Some have been here for a week, some just a few days. But they all want to be read.

Three of the books are parts of a series (two of them are the first book, one is the last book all for different series) so I'm saving them. I also want to read a historical fiction novel that I can finish and write up a review for tomorrow to avoid trying to dig up my memory for a different novel. So I'm kind of leaning towards something by Jane Yolen. But, final choice is for you!

The Devil's Arithmetic-Jane Yolen
Summer of Love-Emily Franklin
Briar Rose-Jane Yolen
Paper Towns-John Green
Searching for Pemberley-Mary Simonsen
Magic Under Glass-Jaclyn Dolamore
The Pale Assassin-Patricia Elliot
Sovay-Celia Rees


Also, I'd prefer if you tweeted me your answer (@BloggersBooks) because there's a MAJOR delay on comments on blogger and I don't see them for hours. And since I don't know if I'll have time to check the computer tomorrow before heading out (I read in the car), I'd rather get the answer quickly. Therefore, twitter. But if you don't have a twitter that obviously wouldn't work.

And I know I said a vlog for this, but I was spending time with family today and now my hair's all wet and I'm ready for bed=not presentable. But I will try for IMM this week, despite the light load.



  1. Paper Towns by John Green. It's a great, quick read.

  2. I'd try Searching for Pemberly...I want to read it. :)



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