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Epic Author Appreciation Week

Heidi Kling, author of the upcoming Sea, has declared this week Author Appreciation Week. I wanted to do this, but there was so many authors, and not enough days. Then I didn't start on Monday and if I don't start in the beginning, it just won't work. So instead, I am going to do some short features of TWENTY of my favorite/most important authors.

Jane Austen: What reason is there to not love Miss Jane? Indepent, self sufficient, and strong, Jane broke everything expected of her and was still very successful in life. Not to mention that she created one of the most epic love stories.

Most romances today are love at first sight/can't be together (Romeo and Juliet) or the protagonists hate each other then slowly fall in love (Pride and Prejudice). Where would we be without Pride and Prejudice today? Not to mention, it's my favorite book. One of the most epic romances of all time.

Stephenie Meyer: WHAT?!? SAY IT ISN'T SO, JULIE! But yes, I cannot lie here. If it wasn't for Twilight, I may have never decided what kind of book I really love. I never would've seen how much I truly love reading. Who knows if I'd even be blogging right now?

Reading Twilight also introduced me to the world of vampires. Which brings me to my next two authors.

Richelle Mead and Melissa de la Cruz: These ladies created some FABULOUS vampire novels. Right after finishing Twilight, I needed more vampires and these were the perfect books to fill that gap. They both proved that good vampires can still be kick ass...without sparkling!

Richelle's vampires come in three different types, the good, the protectors, and the bad. Then she made things complicated and twisted and through yet another epic romance in here, following the Romeo and Juliet example in a very different way.

Melissa is all about the good vampires, but a few of them aren't so good. Her books always remind me of a better Gossip Girl...but with vampires. The history and the world in this book always astounds me. Although, I won't lie, some of the relationships can be kind of weird.

Meg Cabot: What could I possibly have to say about Meg Cabot? She's brought us dreams, given them to thousands, probably millions, of young girls. Unlikely though they may be. She brought in magic, she brought in history, and she brings laughter. Now she's teaching young girls how to come into their own and giving adults a good love story and soon she'll even venture into vampires. Meg is one of the kindest authors and I can't help but admire her!

John Green: One of two male authors on this list (sadness), I could probably write an essay on the awesomeness of John Green. He writes books that make you think and don't follow a predictable plot at all. Yet I'm not sure if I've ever laughed more while reading than when I read Paper Towns (perhaps when reading Going Bovine?).

He vlogs every other day during the week, alternating with his awesome brother Hank and never fails to make me laugh, marvel, or feel the urge to share it. I can never watch these videos with others for fear they will give me weird looks for laughing at the computer.

And in general, he fights world suck. He wants to increase world awesomeness, hence the nerdfighter community. Nerds fight world suck, pure and simple. John and Hank were just the geniuses to connect them all.

Maureen Johnson: Maureen is easier to write than John. While she also works to decrease world suck, she always makes me smile with her tweets. Some of them make me want stuff too (like her tweet about the immortal jellyfish). All of this, and I haven't even read her books. Someday when I'm a millionaire and can buy all the books I want.

Eva Ibbotson: A historical fiction and children's author, Eva's books astound me. She's written several YA books in different periods of history (well decades) and while they all have a same general plot, I love seeing how she'll mix it up every time! And sometimes, it just works. Eva's one of those people where it just works.

David Levithan: David is definitely a YA super star. He's edited God knows how many anthologies and written several books solo and with friends. His books are powerful and serious, while still being on a YA level. Love is the Higher Law was absolutely astounding. Will Grayson, Will Grayson sounds kick ass. What's not to like?

Libba Bray: Must I say anything here? Why yes I must. Libba Bray is my freaking HERO.

Libba introduced me to historical fiction, which most of you should know. I needed magic and by God those covers are gorgeous. So I gave in and picked it up. And then I never looked back. Then she had the nerve to write a book capable of having a cow holding a garden gnome on the cover. A COW. Not to mention it's one of the most amazing books. Then there's the fact that this woman is absolutely hilarious. I CRAVE her blog posts. Finally: Viva la Shebams!

Rachel Hawkins: Rachel not only wrote a simply amazing book with an uber swoon worthy male character (review coming soon, no worries guys!), but she's awesome. Rachel is another author I somehow found on twitter and she's just so sweet and funny and just plain awesome! Rachel is the epitome of Southern hospitality and her unique voice shines through in her novel.

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl: I've stayed away from strict magic since Harry Potter, but this was a nice reintroduction before Hex Hall, when I REALLY jumped in. Beautiful Creatures was a fabulous novel that I adored. They also managed to make the south 20 times cooler. Because they really did! I wanna move to the south and have some of the experiences Ethan and Lena had. I want to BE Lena!

Julie Kagawa
: I'd always loved faeries, but didn't want to touch a book about it. But everyone seemed to love The Iron King and the cover was gorgeous and it's one of my favorites. It definitely brought back my faerie love! She's totally nice and sweet and loves talking to us little people. She's even gotten Grimalkin to come talk to us on a few occasions! And she reaffirmed the fact that Julies are kick ass.

Bree Despain: I'm not a werewolf fan (Errrm...blame Stephenie Meyer?) but I had to take a chance. The cover is so beautiful and I bought it on a whim. I'm so glad I did. I'm now willing to open up for several other authors I know writing werewolf books. I'm super excited for The Lost Saint and uber glad to have taken this chance to open up new doors.

Jaclyn Dolamore: Jackie was not only willing to write a historical fiction with a person of color (that term kind of annoys me. What, are they purple? A person (who was "of color") once pointed it out to me years ago and it stuck with me. Anyway), but then on her debut novel faced controversy in a classy way. I can't help but applaud her for this.

Mandy Hubbard: Mandy is just one fabulous lady. Not only did she write a kick ass YA novel that is an excellent way to introduce teens to Pride and Prejudice, but now she's an agent that happily shares her information. She makes it clear what she likes and what she doesn't and gives good help about writing queries for new writers. I'm super excited for her next novel, You Wish!

Jackson Pearce: Jackson is like Maureen. She's seriously funny and I found this out before even reading her book. Then I read As You Wish and loved it(as you can see in the review a few posts down). Besides being an awesome writer who's currently working on FAIRYTALE RETELLINGS (Can you hear my squees? I bet you can.), she also does a livestream show every week. She usually talks about writing and editing and sometimes it's just random fodder. AND she's currently giving out prizes every month leading up the release of the first fairytale retelling, Sisters Red.

Ellen Hopkins: Ellen is just one amazing lady. She's one of few YA authors that writes in verse style, but pulls it off beautifully. Every word, nearly every placement of the words, is deliberate and part of the story. Then you bring in the fact that anything having to do with drugs in her novels is true (which means at least one of her books was based off things that actually happened). Can you imagine the bravery that takes?

Heidi Kling: Heidi is just...made of awesome. Her upcoming novel, Sea, sounds astounding and even the subject matter of it has already struck a cord for me. I can still remember sitting on the couch, waiting for family members to be ready to go and watching specials on the tsunami. I watch it whenever I find it.

Then Heidi always wants to talk to people on twitter, help out, make suggestions, and wants all of us to have ARCs! She's held a couple contests with another one coming up to get us one. She's another one of those uber sweet people on twitter that I love chatting with.

Heidi also helps run the Tenners blog, which I can imagine is no easy feat! I can't even fathom how many members there are for that blog. AND she is the genius behind Author Appreciation Week. Plus she likes to send out Sea swag (you all know my swag love) and she's an awesome cheerleader! Add in the fact that her husband is a super hero and Heidi could quite easily take over the world. Or...maybe I exaggerate a bit. She might have to compete with Ash from The Iron King.

And that's just a FRACTION of the authors I appreciate. Special mentions go to Joy Preble, J.K. Rowling, Judy Blume, and Cassandra Clare. Then there's even more that I can't even name off the top of my head.

Authors far and wide: You are superheros and inspirations to us a little people every day. Keep being awesome!



  1. This was indeed epic and awesome!!

    So much author win here. :-)

    Yay for John Green love, I totally agree with you on his vlogs!!

  2. yayy!!! you <3 meg cabot too! she's one of my favorite authors. and i agree: it's reallyy hard to pick your favorites because there are soooo manyy!

    btw i <3 your blog :)



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