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Why I Blog

From Sarah's poster here, many bloggers besides the ones mentioned in the post have been posting about why they blog. I've been toying with the idea since I posted a miniature essay on Kristi's post and since I can't get myself to write a review today, I figured getting myself on a (positive) rant would be easier. It always is.

My number one reason for blogging is helping the people. Maybe you guys don't notice, but on majority of my reviews, one of you commenters tells me that the book I just gave a glowing review to has moved up on your TBR pile, or now you plan to buy it, or now you just really want to read it. Do you guys know what kind of satisfaction that brings me? I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing I influenced someone. Me, a high schooler who can't drive or vote or do a damn thing but fight to get out of this dead end area. And people, besides a few of my teachers, family members and friends who seem to think what I say is mildly intelligent, never really care what I say. But you do.

Not only does this get me, knowing someone cares what I say, but knowing I'm supporting someone. I'm supporting the authors that I love and sometimes chat with and want to see succeed and thrive in the supportive book-loving community. Do you know how insane that is? I'm just one person, but considering all of our silent and not-so-silent followers, who knows how many copies of a book are purchased, read, and reviewed for more people to discover? Now you care what I say and I'm making a difference for an author who's work I love. Best. Super Power. Ever.

Then there's the people. Some of you may not be aware, but the blogging community is full of SO many ridiculously amazing people! To name just a few amazing bloggers:

Anna at who sent me her ARC of Brightly Woven because I mentioned to her I wanted it and she wanted to get pass on her copy. I'm not sure we'd ever really talked much before that.

Shanyn at Chick Loves Lit also sent me a few of her books she wanted to get rid of, despite the fact I don't think we'd ever had a conversation before that day.

Let's be honest, outside of this community, how many people will just send you something because they don't want them and you do? Especially when it costs them money? I know two.

Harmony at Harmony's Radiant Reads because I gave her just a few tips and she's so ridiculously grateful to me for it. I feel like I did nothing, yet she wrote an entire paragraph about me on her post about why she loves blogging.

Susan at Waste Paper Prose because even though lately I've been thinking I don't really have any CLOSE friends in the blogging world, besides Harmony, she tells me today that she loves me despite my insanity. And her blog's banner is epic. And she tells OTHER PEOPLE to follow me on twitter every Friday even though I never remember to thank her or tell people to follow her (except today! I remembered today!).

Kristi at The Story Siren (do I even need to link her?) who, though not the first YA blogger, has definitely revolutionized the entire YA blogging world. On top of which, she's super sweet and helpful and just an overall amazing person, whether she believes it or not.

(I'm stopping there because there's still more to write and this is getting very long, but know there are TONS and TONS more I feel bad leaving out.)

Then the authors! The wonderful, wonderful authors! I've admired some authors for years, others for months, but the fact that I actually TALK to them? Part of me still wants to let out a fangirl squeal and jump up and down when they reply to a tweet.
Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, authors of my beloved Beautiful Creatures, are super sweet! I can't even describe their awesome.

Heidi Kling, author of the upcoming Sea. I've yet to read her book, but I've got quite a bit of swag and Heidi is super fun to talk to. Hopefully I get to go to her signing in June!

Julie Kagawa, author of The Iron Fey series. I love, love, LOVE the first two books. Julie's also super fun and she likes chatzying sometimes, even though people tend to mix us up unless I change my name.

(If you haven't read their books (well, besides Sea...I'll harass you about that in June) GO READ NOW)
On top of these authors, I still appreciate and love and even talk to some of the authors in my Author Appreciation Post (but I've never talked to Jane Austen...because she's dead). I'd keep going, but again, I want you guys to actually READ this, not skim, without exploding. ;)

The sense of community here is amazing as well. I go to high school. Sure there's pride when we're going to a competition or having grade wars, but otherwise? It's cliques and drama and BS. Yes there is some drama and occasional BS and some groups are more "cliquey", but I've never felt excluded. I've never felt like I can't jump into a conversation or approach a blogger. Some authors still intimidate me, but I try to remember they're just people too (though, by time I remember this, the moment to send back a witty tweet is over). And you know if things were perfect, it still wouldn't be as fun. We wouldn't do things like this. We wouldn't come closer.

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials. -- Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Lanna says:

I concur with pretty much all of Julie's reasons, so I won't write up a seperate post - although "why I blog?" is more purely based on a love of books (I love talking about books, I love the fact that other people who love books can read what I write about books and I especially love the fact that sometimes I can convince someone to read a book I loved or put a book on their radar that wasn't there before).

I wasn't aware of the whole blogging community when I started this blog, it was just me and my friends who also loved books reviewing/recommending stuff to each other... but the blogging community definitely makes me love blogging more. I'd blog even if I was the only one doing it, because it's fun for me, so I guess Julie's reasons are just some of the reasons I love blogging rather than the actual reason I blog.



  1. I think it's great that you have such a positive motivation to help others with your reviews. You help both authors and readers and that's always a good thing!

    Keep on bloggin'!

  2. Hello!

    I am new here. I started blogging last month and love it so far. I am in fifth grade, so I am a little different than most of the other book bloggers out there. I have two reasons for blogging.
    1. Since I LOVE to read and it is cool to have a way to share my hobby.
    2. It's fun and I have met so many nice people. I see you mentioned a few of them in this post.

    Happy Reading

  3. Aww. Hehe :)
    Yes, yes I am ridiculiously grateful!
    But everything you said is true, especially about this community not being threatening.
    You can walk up (not really walk but yeah) and talk and comment and tweet.
    Though authors do kinda intimidate me (like i've been trying to email Aprilynne Pike but haven't had the courage :P) they're so sweet!
    People like Kiersten and Maggie and Jackson and all the others :)

    Go Julie! *\o/*

  4. Great post, you're right about all those wonderful bloggers out there!

  5. Aw. Thank you for mentioning me - you really did me more of a favor by taking those books off of my hands :)

  6. awww. wow. thank you so much. i seriously have watery eyes over that. it's so great to know that something as simple as blogging has such a positive effect on a person. i know exactly where you are coming from. thank you so much for being you, and doing what you do.

  7. awww. wow. thank you so much. i seriously have watery eyes over that. it's so great to know that something as simple as blogging has such a positive effect on a person. i know exactly where you are coming from. thank you so much for being you, and doing what you do.

  8. I also think it's amazing how generous many people are in the book blogosphere - not only with their time, but with their books and such. It's happened to me so many times that I've mentioned wanting a book, and then a fellow blogger has sent it to me. Lovely!



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