Sunday, 13 June 2010

In My Mailbox (24) Julie

In My Mailbox is a meme started by The Story Siren and inspired by Alea at Pop Culture Junkie.

I didn't do IMM last week because I only got a damaged
book (that I still have to return) and a sticker. Seemed like a silly thing to do.

My finals start on TUESDAY guys. And I'm all caught up on reviewing books and only have one more drafted to post. And the book I'm reading doesn't even have a definite release date anymore, so I can't put the review up for that. And since Lanna's busy scrapping her novels to start a new one and making me playlists and ba
nners, I don't think she's reading much either.

Math and Chemistry are my two BIG concerning finals, and those are Tuesday and Wednesday. After Wednesday, I'll have time to read more and then write more reviews for you guys. Since I don't want this blog to be entirely quiet besides tomorrow and Wednesday, I want to put up a discussion post. Do you guys have any ideas in mind that I can do really quickly? Anything you REALLY want to see on here? Please give suggestions because I'm blanking. Unless you want me to do another post dedicated to Sea where I show off my blue toes.

ON TO THE BOOKS. (Cause, that's why you're here. Der)

I was gonna skip IMM again this week, but this morning
I woke up and one of the first things my mom said to me was "There's stuff for you in there you might want to open." WIN.

Jennifer Laurens does random, surprise contests on twitter where you have 5 minutes to email her your addy and she sends you some swag related to her books. Last time she did that, I decided to email her. So she sent me the card with a little flip-flop paper pad and A Season of Eden bookmark. I don't know what the flip flop wou
ld be for, but I really liked A Season of Eden, so Yay!

Tera Lynn Childs was doing a bunch of contests to celebrate the release of Forgive My Fins and I commented on one of the posts where she was giving away books and I won a signed copy. This is my first ever personalized ARC. So it has MY name on it. And now I can be a more productive Splash Team member because I'll actually have read what I'm promoting. She threw in the bookmarks and a Forgive My Fins tattoos as well. Wee!

Monday was this amazingly epic day. I came home from school thankful I didn't punch anyone. In my inbox, was an email from Tera about winning. Then I got an email telling me I won a book from Random Buzzers. Then a blogger on twitter wanted
to get rid of an extra, highly-anticipated ARC she accidentally grabbed 2 of at BEA and I jokingly said I'd take it and she's actually going to send it to me. THEN I won a Sisters Red bookplate. I also talked to two authors of books I'm craving and they both took my info to send to their publishers to see if I could get an ARC. HOW MUCH AWESOME IS THAT FOR A MONDAY? So, I'm expecting stuff in the mailbox this week and I'm crossing my fingers for those "maybe" items. And nope, I'm not saying what any of the ARCs are because I wanna see you guys guess. (Yes, I am mean) I also don't want to get any hopes up if those maybes don't happen.

Basically, next week will be another awesome mailbox week.

It's Saturday night right now, but I'm HOPING to talk my parents into taking me to a bookstore so I can look for a bunch of recent releases and get a gift card if they aren't there. Errands like this can keep us out for HOURS, plus studying. So, I'm getting it done now. If I do get to the store, I may edit those in or I may just wait until next week. We'll see.

And I'll stop rambling now. If you have any ideas for a discussion post, or just something you want to see from me/Lanna, let us know!


(Yes I AM freakishly pale and I DO have a giant freckle on my right foot. But I have a cute Panda guarding my pile of books, so it's all cool.)


  1. What awesome swag, and pretty toes!!! Hope you get bunches of new releases at the bookstore, and have fun!!!

  2. Go you getting all these awesome things! Happy reading :)



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