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The Magic of YA Authors

I've been in a lot of online communities. Big and small. Fanfiction, books, and, yes, even Twilight. Every time I change to a new community, I think 'Wow, they're so friendly and welcoming. There's no way any other group can be this awesome.' Every time I'm proven wrong. But since entering the YA blogging community, I really don't think the warmth and welcoming of this community can be out done.

I could go on and on about the awesomeness of YA bloggers, and book bloggers in general. But recently, I read a post at Reading Tequila about the awesome of YA authors. And then I read Anastasia Hopcus'(a YA author) reply blog, about why bloggers are awesome. So I guess, in a way, this is my response to these posts about why YA authors are magical.

I put out on twitter that I was working on this post and any contributions were welcome. Nicole at Word for Teens replied saying "Because they write YA and interact best with their audience. DUH." So, how exactly do they interact with us?

Anastasia Hopcus(so excited to read her book!), Heidi Kling(Do I need to say anything?), and Karsten Knight(his book comes out in 2011 and I want it!) follow this blog. I'm fairly sure at least one more author does. And these are just authors that I can name off the top of my head.

In my review of Dreaming Anastasia, I mentioned how much I wanted a sequel. Joy Preble, the author, left a comment with a STRONG hint there would be one months before she announced it publicly.

I can think of 3 different authors who have replied to our posts, in one case it's not even a review of their book.

Now to twitter, where it gets even better.

Approximately 80 authors follow us on twitter. I probably missed like 5 too. On the first page of direct messages(about 20 messages), I have messages from 4 different authors. On the first page of replies, I have replies from 5 different authors.

And the actual blog content? We have 4 author interviews coming up. Plus the 4 we've already done. I can tell you right now that I have never asked an author directly for an interview. I mention on twitter than I'd love to do some interviews and then the authors reply saying they'd love to.

For more personal stuff:

Authors have sent me more swag than I'll even try to count, from bookmarks to post cards to chapstick. Sometimes they even include little cards and those little cards written to me send me over the moon. Stefne Miller actually sent me her book to review for you guys and not only was it signed, but she also threw in an extra note to thank me.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to take a decent picture of myself because the only one I have is two years old and I think my facebook friends want something kind of new. I then complained on twitter about my inability to take a good picture. Michelle Zink replied to tell me I'm perfect how I am and we then chatted a bit about someone she knows who's also no good at pictures.

Very often when I say good night on twitter, Heidi Kling will say night back.

Meg Cabot, yes THE Meg Cabot, mentioned my author appreciation post (which included her) on her blog (and she did link back to the post. Oh yes she did). Oh there was squealing and flailing and freaking out all over our twitter (which she also follows). (FYI, after remembering this, I had to then find this blog post which can be done by searching 'meg cabot bloggers[heart]books' and the flailing began again)

I won't even go into when I email authors and fangirl them. Because if you think my reviews are gushy, you should see some of the things I send to these authors! And then they're always so gracious and kind about it.

Are you tired of examples yet? Because I think I'm out of them.

But then there's just in general. Authors give so much for us. Not only do they give us the story, but then they do giveaways, send out bookmarks, sign books, do interviews, and talk to their readers. And have you ever seen YA authors interact? They are so kind and supportive to each other.

And you know why they write YA? The genre that so many adults look down on? The genre most people wouldn't even call a genre? They write it for us. For the young adults and the young at heart. And they're never ashamed of it. They're all damn proud to write for us. To give us something we can laugh with or cry over. They love seeing as be honest with our feelings and gush over their book, in a way most adults don't.

I can keep going. I know I can. But if I do, then I might as well turn this into a novel myself.

I tip my non-existent hat to you, YA authors. Keep on being magical.



  1. This was adorable and amazing and amazing and adorable.

    <3 I love YA. I don't think adult books have this kind of following, at all, with such loyalty as YA readers do. And I'm proud because I love YA.

  2. Great post!

    Being a brand new author, I must admit that was terrified of walking into this unknown world of publishing. It's very scary to put yourself (and something you put your heart and soul into) out there to be critiqued.

    But, what I've found is a wonderful community of young ladies and women who are extremely welcoming and a lot of fun to get to know. Because of the blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads, I have the opportunity to not only keep my toe dipped in the YA world, but I get to know some wonderful people that I hope to watch through the years! I'm excited to see where their lives go and I'm honored that each and every one of them lets me be a part of their life - if even in a small way.

    There's something magical about making a connection with people. When that connection is made over something as wonderful as a love of reading - it's even better!


  3. Great post! I agree that YA authors /bloggers are amazing. We have a great communtity of people who are more then happy to give eachother a helping hand. I keep a YA blog myself. It's

  4. THIS is an amazing post! I totally agree with you. I feel so happy I am included into this YA community and I could never thank enough the YA writers for what they provide us. Congrats for the great words! :)

  5. This is such a wonderful post. I'm a brand spaking new YA author (my book releases in 2012) and this post makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. YA authors are amazing people and several have really given me great advice along the way. We love our teen readers, too. They give us inspiration and keep us motivated. I know I never would have even tried to write YA if not for a certain group of amazing teens. I am so glad I did, too. Keep up the good work, all of you.

  6. Beautiful! Very beautiful!
    You've practially summed up everything I love about YA authors. They truly are the best people out there.

  7. awesome post i agree im always amazed by the kindness of authors its a lovely thing, and i just wanted to say i received hush hush today! thank you:)

  8. Thank you so much for the wonderful post. The YA Author/Blogging community IS a warm, welcoming bunch. I'm a first time author (my book will be 2 months out tomorrow), but I have never been made to feel like a newbie or, worse yet, a nobody by the more experienced authors and bloggers. I love you guys! Group hug, everyone!

  9. I think it's because our readers are so awesome (and I am, of course, including bloggers in that group!). No "adult" authors that I know get the kinds of letters that we get (not to mention the fan art!). You warm our hearts and, in turn, we try to give back to you.

    Besides, I think you gotta be "real" to be a YA author. There's nothing fake about any of the YA authors I know.

  10. Never gonna give you up,
    Never gonna let you down,
    Never gonna run around and desert you,
    Never gonna make you cry,
    Never gonna say goodbye,
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    We've known each other for so long
    Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it
    Inside we both know what's been going on
    We know the game and we're gonna play it
    And if you ask me how I'm feeling
    Don't tell me you're too blind to see

    Never gonna give you up,
    Never gonna let you down,
    Never gonna run around and desert you,
    Never gonna make you cry,
    Never gonna say goodbye,
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  11. Love this post! Consider this a virtual hug. But not virtual like almost, virtual like through the interwebs. ;)

  12. Wow.
    This was just TOO adorable, and I have to say thank you.
    I'm a first-time author (my YA book should be out 'soon'), and this is the first time I stumble upon your blog.
    You gave me enough reason to follow you even before I read anything else.

  13. What a wonderful post. And YA fiction will definitely always hold a special place in my heart. It was YA books that really got me passionate about reading and writing. And I would definitely be a different person today if it weren't for some of the YA books that I've read. And honestly, the interaction with authors is part of the reason that I started blogging. Granted, I haven't seen much of it quite yet (I've only just started blogging really) but I look forward to delving further into the arena and making those connection that will undoubtedly make me feel like I'm meeting a superstar because in my mind, that's exactly what writers are.



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