Monday, 28 June 2010

What We Wish We Knew (3)

I'm shocked at all of the love you guys have shown this little series! Totally did not see it coming. Right now, there will definitely be one more part. At this moment, it would only be my thoughts and Lanna's thoughts, though mine would just be a rehash of basically everything that's been said before! So if you want to add your thoughts, please email me (email is in the side bar).

I spent a few days emailing back and forth with a new blogger, Rita from Not Another Romance Blog, and while emailing she told me:
I'd love to add to it even if I am just starting out myself.

Something I figure many bloggers don't consider when first starting out is how to really establish their blog on the internet and track traffic. The information you get from the first day you start posting, to the day when you reach 100 followers is very important, so having a way to track that is also important. There is a whole mess of statistic tracking websites (some good, some you should watch out for) and these programs track unique clicks, pages views, can tell you which posts generated the most traffic,ect. A really helpful tool is google analytics: it's free, easy to use, and very safe (powered by well-known site google, so that's a plus). I love seeing how my viewership has changed from the first month of publishing, to where it is today, and also seeing what content readers find most interesting. Finding other bloggers with similar blog themes and then supporting one another (whether in a blog roll or suggesting readers visit their site) helps network and reach more readers. Also, it would be a good idea to submit your url to google and yahoo and other search engines so that when people search for blogs or certain content you write about, it shows up in their results. If your using, it has a webmaster tool you should also sign up for.

Another blogger, April at Good Books & Good Wine, also emailed to say:
When I Started Blogging I Wish I Knew:
1. That my URL and my blog name should be the same. I know it sounds obvious, but back then it was not.
2. To just say no to self-published. I was so excited about getting a book for review, that I accepted it despite my disdain for the cover. Now, I know better.
3. To make a twitter specifically for my blog. People tend to associate your twitter handle with your blog, so when I used my twitter, it was my aim screen name and not my blog name. I now have a twitter that I mainly use which is my blog name.
4. How complicated contests with a million extra entries are. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.
5. That in time, my reviews will improve, don't go expecting them to be perfect right from the get-go.
I put out the alert on twitter again that I needed more thoughts and the first response was from the Mundie Moms who said "To never pick a black back ground, because when you want to change it, you have to fix all your posts :)" (Which I agreed with. Our first layout was black too).

Then Sara from The Hiding Spot said "
I wish I had a better understanding of formatting and layouts. But I'm still pretty lost on that front! :/"

Marlene at Book Lover and Procrastinator agreed, saying "
I'm still a beginner and I wish I knew more about formatting and how to make buttons and such."

Daimy at Book Tweaker, also agreed. "
Just started. Literally like two weeks ago. How difficult it is to be pleased withmy layout. Visually I mean."

Katie at Sophistikatied Reviews wishes she knew "
How incredibly difficult writing negative reviews are. [...]I wish I had known how suckish it feels."

Tabitha at Some Screaming Fangirl said:
Well, since you asked, I guess I can share my three/four weeks worth of experience...
1. Don't go to sites that offer templates. Just stick to Blogger or whatever site you're on, because if you use templates from outside websites, it's hard to change them or customize them. You're stuck as a clone. :(
2. Be sure to follow blogs and make connections outside of your chosen blog website. It'll probably help.
3. Write the blog post as much as you can beforehand (as in, don't try to wing it on the blog post...*cough*)
4. PROOFREAD! Once you've done that, PROOFREAD ONCE MORE God, I've lost count of how many times I've had to go back and quick-edit something right after posting it. :/
5. Put your voice into the posts. Sounding like your favorite blogger will get you nowhere...maybe. Hmm... I wonder if I would have more than three followers if I sounded more like Diablo Cody...? Sorry, thinking too much again.
And as of now, that's just about it! I hope you guys find these useful (and maybe find some new blogs)!

(Miss the first two posts? Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here!)



  1. I haven't been visiting your blog often as of late (why not???) and just discovered this series! That's actually some great advice, hehe. Though, gah, my review style changes so often because I WANT TO BE AN AWESOME REVIEWER. And other people have such amazing review, and I want their style so bad. But it doesn't really work.

    Prior seeing this series, I was actually going to make my Weekly Debate of this week on blogging tips because I feel like the summer will equal another big influx of new bloggers. I know a lot of blogs have blogging tips, so I hope you won't feel like I've ripped the idea of this off of you (if you do, please email me and we can talk)! I'll definitely link back because this sounds like a great source of ongoing advice. :)

  2. I learn more every time. I love this post.
    Great job.

  3. Love this post. It definitely helps new bloggers. I still have things to learn. It's very informative. <3

  4. Thanks so much for this blog series. I'm just starting out and trying to learn all about the blogging community! I really love how everyone is so willing to help other people, because it makes me feel so welcome and encouraged to do my own thing and blog.
    Anyway, thanks.



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