Friday, 23 July 2010

Cover Variations (2): Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

...Oh hush!

Regardless of what people think about the book, I actually like the main cover - back before it was insanely popular, back before the movie and Twihards and fangirls and Team Edward's and Team Jacob's, the cover was what made me buy this book. It kept popping up on my Amazon recommendations and I liked the cover so I thought "Meh, okay then." and bought it.

Here are the covers of Twilight (note: most of these were found on the authors website):

Of course, everyone, whether they've read the book or not will be familiar with this one:

This one is the original UK cover... it had potential, but I think bad editing ruined it and made it just plain weird:

Annnnd then we have the movie tie-in *facepalm* - now, I'm cool with some movie/TV show tie-ins for books, but I don't like the Twilight ones. Mostly because the actors are not who I picture at all (especially Kristen) and whoever edited the pictures seems to be having a bit too much fun playing on Photoshop, but anyway:

This is one of the Japanese covers, the books were split into a bunch of books, I think over there so I won't show all of the Japanese covers but you can check some of them out here:

And here are some international covers (from left to right, starting from the top row; Denmark, Germany, Germany, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Thailand, China, Russia, Korea, Korea, Norway):

And these two are two of my favourites (although the second doesn't really fit the book seeing as Bella isn't blonde, but the art is gorgeous), another Korean cover and Indonesia:

So, regardless of your opinions of Twilight, do you like the covers? Which do you like best?



  1. The Korean cover (beside the Indonesian cover) is gorgeous! It has a "classic" feel to it. :D

  2. Interestingly the Norwegian cover was rapidly changed to the original US one (and then the movie version) once the series became successful here. I think it was a wise move, because the original Norwegian cover didn't really stand out (and it also gave the impression of being a part of a series that it wasn't).

    I really like those two last covers - very pretty!

  3. Very interesting!

    For me, choosing the cover (from the choices I was given) was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Cover art is monumental in helping to gain interest in a book.
    All of the versions of Twilight are amazing. Weird how some pick pictures of characters that look nothing like how they are described in the book.

    My number one request to my cover designer was no faces. As I reader, I like to imagine what the character looks like. Seeing them on the cover ruins it for me somehow. As a writer, I don't even like to give too much detailed information in the book as to what the characters look like. People like different things, I like to think the reader can pick their own ideal and run with it!
    Thanks for sharing these book covers!

  4. Oh wow your favourites are my favourites I LOVE the last two covers, they are gorgeous. I also like the Chinese cover its lovely. And I actually like the movie tie-in editions but I saw the movie before trying to read the book so that's probably why it doesn't bother me who they chose to represent the characters.

  5. wow, what a variety of interpretations. the UK cover is quite strange.

  6. I think I like the apple the best, followed by the movie tie in, though on that one Rob/Edward looks weird.

  7. The original UK cover is very weird, and more than slightly scary. Ugh.



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