Sunday, 4 July 2010

In My Mailbox (27)

In My Mailbox is a meme started by The Story Siren and inspired by Alea at Pop Culture Junkie.

I will not deny that the past two weeks saw some AWESOME books. But this week? This week was full of epic. I got SO MUCH STUFF. It's crazy! I don't remember the last time I had a week with so much stuff!

The Lighter Side of Life and Death I won from Random Buzzers. Looks interesting. And this got here last Friday, but I had already taken the picture and set everything up. Yeah, I'm lazy.

Look, it's another SEA postcard, without rain damage!! And yes, that is a STACK of Freefall bookmarks from Mindi Scott. She sent me 30, 5 of them signed and 25 not. After splitting it up for the swag pack I'll someday giveaway on this blog, for myself, and for other bloggers, I have 11 unsigned and 1 signed one left.

On Tuesday, the copy of Salvaged arrived from the author, Stefne Miller. She was kind enough to send me a signed copy to review for you guys, with that cute little note inside of it. I already finished it and I ADORED it. The review will be up next Thursday.

Thursday an envelope full of bookmarks arrived and it took me hours to figure out who sent it! The bookmarks are: The Dark Divine (signed), Whisper (signed), Shade (signed), Far World, and Flux publishers. Thanks to Emily at Em's Reading Room!

Friday was the best day yet. I got the bookmark for In the Shadow of the Lamp by Susanne Dunlap, signed to me. I believe it's coming out in January next year (though the bookmark says 2010?). Then I went to Dunkin Donuts with my brother and came back to a package from Random Buzzers. Becoming Chloe was in it, which I'd ordered last Saturday from them with Buzz Bucks.

By 6:30, I gave up on getting anything else when I saw the UPS truck pull up across the street, where it usually stops before delivering something here. I sat on the couch, waited until the guy left, and then picked up the two packages he left. The first was a book I won from Random Buzzers, Crash Test Love. The second was an ARC from Macmillian. I was fairly sure it was one of two books and it ended up being INFINITE DAYS. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! Thanks Katy! (I actually finished this last night and OMG you will all love it!)

So, now that I'm done being all excited over what I got, what did you get?

P.S. Happy Fourth of July!

Annnd this is Lanna jumping in on Julie's IMM post, to save putting it up seperately:


Rich and Mad by William Nicholson [Note from Julie: I WANT THIS. Dang UKers already having it!]
Forbidden by Suzuma

Won (and technically haven't arrived in my mailbox yet, but I'm adding them here before I forget):

Raised by Wolves
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Seriously Sassy series by Maggi Gibson


Cathy's Ring
Later. :)


  1. Great Mailbox this week!!! Crash Test Love sounds like it is going to be really good and so do the other books. Sooo lucky you won Raised by Wolves, I hear its spectacular. Happy Reading adn Enjoy your swag!

  2. Wow! You two had a very awesome week!! (:

    How do you like getting books for review?


  3. Wow guys! Great weeks for both of you. Hope you enjoy them all :)

  4. Yay Sea! I read it this week & I absolutely loved it.

  5. I like bookmarks, too. I have author friends send me some and when I trade books online, I tuck three into the front cover. I figure it's free advertising for people I know and like and every bit helps, right?

  6. I guess I need to be better at labeling what I send... Oops. Well, glad you liked the bookmarks!



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