Monday, 26 July 2010

An Interview (& Contest) with Michelle Zink

Today, while I frantically work to pack and get music on my iPod and generally spaz about being disconnected from the world for a week, Michelle is kind enough to stop by AND offer a giveaway!

Michelle is the author of the popular Prophecy of the Sisters and the upcoming sequel, Guardian of the Gate.

What is your definition of love? Lanna and I have asked several different authors this question and just love seeing all the unique responses. No two answers have been the same.

For me, love means commitment. It means loving that person unconditionally, complete with all their flaws and failings. It's just that simple.

What are five books you would recommend, including unreleased books? Or just your five favorite books if that's easier?

Oh, yay! I get FIVE! Usually I only get one, which is just impossible. Anyway, my five would be White Oleander by Janet Fitch, Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Fingersmith and The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, and The Shining by Stephen King.

What is one book you wish you could have written?

Oh, see? Now you did to me! One?! Okay, I'll choose The Vampire Chronicles in its entirety by Anne Rice. What an epic journey that series is, and since it's one story broken into several books, I'll just count it as one. :D

Lanna and I are both music junkies, so I have to ask something involving music! If you had to make a soundtrack for your own life, what songs would be on it?

Wow... great question! City of Blinding Lights by U2, A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay, The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars, Firestarter by Jimmy Eat World, Sowing Season and You Stole by Brand New (and so many more by this amazing band).

Those are some amazing bands! And by saying you love Brand New, I'm sure one of my best friends would LOVE you (Note from Lanna: I adore all of those bands/songs!).

How does it feel to have a book out there that so many people love completely?

Aw! You're sweet! It's always gratifying to hear from the people who just connect with the book. The people who say they couldn't put it down, couldn't stop thinking about it, and have re-read it (sometimes several times) in anticipation of the release of the sequel, Guardian of the Gate, on August 1st. The books I read as a teen and young adult meant so much to me. They really became a part of my soul, and I'm so honored to pay that forward by contributing something to the literary community and to all the young readers out there who, like I did, live for the stories they read.

You have such a gorgeous book trailer, so I have to wonder how you would feel about having a full length movie for Prophecy of the Sisters?

I'm a major film nut! LOVE movies! I didn't write Prophecy to be a movie, but I would love to see one made under the right conditions. I do have a film agent fielding film inquiries, but it's super important to me that if it gets made, it gates made by someone whose enthusiasm and love for the project matches my own. There are a lot of things to consider when selling film rights, and I want to make sure to consider them all very carefully.

How do you feel knowing that your second book baby will be out for the world to see soon?

I'm excited and scared. This time around, there are a lot of Prophecy fans out there, and I so want to please them and give them a sequel worthy of their time and attention. Buying the next book is a show of trust in me and my work, and I don't take that lightly. I guess I just want them to love it as much as I do! All that said, I've said many times that when I write a book I feel more like I'm channeling the story than creating it. It just sort of... flows out of me, and in this way, I feel like the story really does exist somewhere just the way it is. I've told this story as it came to me and at every turn have stayed true to it. I guess all I can say now is, I hope you like it

Isn't she the sweetest?

And not only that, BUT Michelle offered up a SIGNED copy of Prophecy of the Sisters in paperback for ONE lucky follower! This contest is for our FORMER FOLLOWERS ONLY. If you aren't following us at 11 AM EST today, you cannot enter. I'm not going to do this often, but since this is such an epic prize, I wanna reward all of our followers. :)
All you have to do is fill out THIS form:

Contest ends on August 6 because I'll be away that week and get back the 7. I'll figure out who the winner is and put it on my IMM post! The winner will have 48 hours to email me.

Good luck, and know how jealous I am!



  1. Great interview. I like her answer for love.

  2. Great reveiw and cool contest. So excited :)

  3. Thanks for the great interview and contest! :D I'd love a copy of The Prophecy of the Sisters. It looks great!



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