Monday, 12 July 2010

Julie's First Read-A-Thon: The Preparation

Woo, Read-A-Thon time!

Once Upon A Read-A-Thon

I'm going to do a report every 12 hours or so (Essentially, noon my time and midnight my time)

My hope is at least 5 books. I know that's not much, but since my TBR pile only has 20 or so and I'm not really in the mood to read most of them, my reading time will be cut down.

Books That I'm DEFINITELY Doing:
1. The Lighter Side of Life and Death by C.K. Kelly Martin: I'm halfway through this but not into it at all. So, might as well power through it. Maybe it'll get better.
2. Becoming Chloe: A quick read I think I'll really like.
3. Crash Test Love: This might very well suck. But I'm going to give it 100 pages.
4. Plain Kate by Erin Bow: Started this AGES ago and stopped for books already out/to be out sooner. So, I'm starting from scratch and rereading (or...skimming what I've read)
5. Clementine by Sophie Masson: I've had this for months. It's short so it should be a very quick read.

I'll keep it there for now. None of them are over 400 pages, most barely skim 200 (if that) so I shouldn't have a problem getting through these. If I do and nothing else shows up in the mail, I'm going to try to tackle Searching for Pemberley. It's been on this pile since January and it's kind of a mammoth book. The only two I have that are bigger are collections of stories.

And yeah. Tomorrow I have Boy all day, Tuesday I have to make a post office run which shouldn't take long, and Wednesday I've got a bowling day with a friend, but that's only a couple hours. I'll probably save Clementine until Wednesday so I can knock that out after bowling and finish off with that.

And that's all. I'll be posting a review in a few hours (I'm hoping anyone else doing the read-a-thon will read it and decide to add it or up it on their TBRs for the challenge. ;) ) and WoW is all ready to go. So, it won't JUST be updates. And I have a special surprise for Thursday. ;)

See you at noon tomorrow (even if I get up at like 11)!


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  1. I'm so excited for it to start! I should really be in bed so I can get up early...but I keep making posts and list for the read-a-thon!



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