Thursday, 15 July 2010

Old Skool Favourites (5): The Blair Witch Files

Okay... I actually stumbled across this series by accident. Well, sort of.

See, my ex-best friend didn't like to read. But I loved to read. And she had to read a book for English but didn't want to, so after staying at her house, I ended up reading the book for her while she did her make-up in the mirror and other superficial things like that and I told her what the book was about... I don't know if she ever did read it herself, I hope she did, it was really good.

The book was The Blair Witch Files: The Witches Daughter by Cade Merrill and I get such a weird sense of nostalgia whenever I think of it - the song Kiss, Kiss by Holly Valance pops into my head because that is the song that was playing in my friends bedroom as I read and she... make-up'd.

And that is irrelevant, but the books are really good--some more so than others--they're written in such a way that it almost tricks you into believing the stories are real, kind of the way The Blair Witch Project movie did with a lot of people when it first came out.

The idea of the Blair Witch interests me (even if I found the movie horribly boring), although I don't believe it, it's interesting and creeps me out so that aspect of the books was really fun to read about and the individual plots of the books, written like case studies, were really interesting.

My favourites were, of course, The Witches Daughter (first book) and also The Obsession (which pretty much tells a story of how the Blair Witch legend started and I think it's the last in the series) and The Drowning Ghost.

If you like creepy stories or the whole Blair Witch thing you should check these out (even if you didn't like the Blair Witch Project movie, the books only revolve around and flesh out the legend from the movie, it's not nearly as boring - I actually think they were written as if the movie was real and Cade's--the author--cousin was one of the people that went missing and so now he's on this quest to uncover the truth about the witch and what happened to his cousin and each book is meant to be a case study, written like a story, related to the Blair Witch).

There are 8 books in the series:
  1. Blair Witch Files 1 – The Witch's Daughter
  2. Blair Witch Files 2 – The Dark Room
  3. Blair Witch Files 3 – The Drowning Ghost
  4. Blair Witch Files 4 – Blood Nightmare
  5. Blair Witch Files 5 – The Death Card
  6. Blair Witch Files 6 – The Prisoner
  7. Blair Witch Files 7 – The Night Shifters
  8. Blair Witch Files 8 – The Obsession



  1. Nice post - I was one of those fooled by The Blair Witch Project! I believed it for years and years before - my stepmum I think - asked in this really obvious way that I didn't, 'believe it, did you?'

    *hangs head in shame*

    I loved your description of doing makeup/reading - I would like to think this isn't happening but I suspect it happens a lot.

  2. Interesting - I had no idea there was a series of books. I love horror so this sounds right up my alley. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. The books could be awful & still be better than that dung heap of a!



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