Monday, 19 July 2010

Quick Request

Hey guys!

So, you all saw how badly my vlog came out earlier on IMM. I want to do it again next week, but I want to play with lighting and such this week.

Right now, I've planned a Q&A video where you can ask ANYTHING about me and a tour of my Favorites Book Shelf. I want to do more than that, so if you guys have any other suggestions for vlogs, please let me know! I probably won't post them on the blog since we've got enough going on, but they'll be on my youtube.

And if you guys have questions, I need them. I figure I'll do a couple Q&A videos and I need more questions! I'll answer...ALMOST anything, even if it's not book/blog related and if you want to be anonymous, you can put it up on my formspring.

So, spam me with your ideas and your questions. I'll try to do at least one vlog a day for the next week, and maybe even the week after too. If it's fun for me anyway ;)


1 comment:

  1. Well, I do have a question! Have you ever asked authors for swag donations for birthday or follower giveaways? I want to ask them, but I don't know how to without sounding rude. Help?




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