Friday, 2 July 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Sisters Red
Jackson Pearce

Scarlett March lives to hunt the Fenris-- the werewolves that took her eye when she was defending her sister Rosie from a brutal attack. Armed with a razor-sharp hatchet and blood-red cloak, Scarlett is an expert at luring and slaying the wolves. She's determined to protect other young girls from a grisly death, and her raging heart will not rest until every single wolf is dead.

Rosie March once felt her bond with her sister was unbreakable. Owing Scarlett her life, Rosie hunts fiercely alongside her. Now Rosie dreams of a life beyond the wolves and finds herself drawn to Silas, a young woodsman who is deadly with an ax-- but loving him means betraying her sister and has the potential to destroy all they've worked for.

Twenty-five-year-old Jackson Pearce delivers a dark, taut fairy tale with heart-pounding action, fierce sisterly love, and a romance that will leave readers breathless.

I love Jackson Pearce. I admit it. I have a girl crush. From her amazing talent to her shiny blond hair. I want to BE Jackson Pearce. (I promise I'm not a stalker. I really, really do)

With Sisters Red, I was swept into another world. I was so utterly hooked and everything was unpredictable and I have a really strong urge to call my sister.

Rosie and Scarlett were so independent and had strong voices. I could feel how they were different, yet they really could be made of one heart. I always understood Lett's thought process, but my heart went out to Rosie every time.

And then there was Silas. I was always bouncing back and forth on him. I liked him, but he seemed suspicious. At one point, I wanted to hammer his head in and gauge his eyes out, but he redeemed himself on the next page. I was extremely glad for that.

Then the twists! I actually guessed something, got further into it and dropped my theory. But there was nothing else I even came close to guessing! It was all such a marvelous surprise. Even at the end, I though I was going to have to cry and scream and throw the book. But once I reached the last page, I realized that was unnecessary

I think the only flaw was how condensed it was. I'm not just saying this out of my love for a really thick book, but I think it could've been expanded a bit more, flowed a bit easier, and things would've seemed a little less rushed.

This was another magical book from Jackson, and even though I already know I want to read several of her upcoming projects, she's on the list of authors that I will buy everything they write.



  1. I was waiting for your review! :) It is so not bipolar or whatever you said it was. Anyways, I definitely agree - Sisters Red was AHMAYZING. I loved the twists too and yeah, I see what you mean about it being rushed. I felt like sometimes it got a little slow, like there wasn't enough tension at certain points, though, you know?

    Anyways, yay! Jackson Pearce love! Did you watch her Writers Blok video - it's a parody of Tik Tok and oh my gosh, it is genius!

  2. Oh shoot. Another good review! I should def start reading this - awesome, thank you :)

  3. Love reviews like this. As a potential reader, it makes me want to go out and get the book now! I love books that get me all emotional about the characters and then simultaneously make me both want to be come the author or her/his best friend. I'll definitely keep an eye out for anything by Jackson Pearce.



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