Monday, 20 September 2010

And Then There Were 518

Eight grade English class references FOR THE WIN.

Before getting to the actual reason for this post, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to those that commented on Lanna and I's Speak Loudly posts. Your comments made me cry, but I also have this weight lifted from my after admitting it, finally. Thank you for your support.

Now, the reason I'm posting.

Last weekends, this blog broke 500 followers. Pretty astounding considering that we only had 200 in the middle of January. And I want to thank ALL of our loyal followers, especially those that comment often. I know I never reply (it feels awkward unless I can actually hit a reply button ON your comment...which I can't) but I GREATLY appreciate every comment and I'm sure Lanna does too.

Sometimes it still feels like our little blog only has 200 followers. We're such a tiny corner of the blogosphere, it seems odd that so many should care about what we say, or that so many authors and other bloggers are so insanely supportive. And when I get an email from a blog reader or other blogger or an AUTHOR? Cue the fangirl squeeing and dancing. I love emails from real people. <3

Lanna and I DO have plans to thank you all for following, like real plans where you might get something out of it. But we didn't think we'd reach 500 THIS quickly, so the plans are going to be delayed a bit. Lanna and I are both kinda poor, but our birthdays are coming up in the next couple months and we all know that with birthdays comes money. I also have to wait for a good day to ship stuff out. Our next day off from school is October 11 and I'll be spending my day in an airplane.

But we WILL do something for you guys. Promise! It just might end up being more like a 530 or 550 or 543 blog follower thing than a 500 follower thing.

So thank you all again for your support! The blogging community always makes my day better and I'm glad to be involved!



  1. Congratulations on breaking 500 followers! I've loved your blog from the beginning (of my book blogging adventures), and you deserve every follower! :)

  2. Thanks for having such a great blog!



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