Sunday, 19 September 2010

Cover remake: Anna & The French Kiss

Okay, so it's a bit obvious now that I'm addicted to these contests (and it literally is just for fun - cause the majority of them are US only... and I'm in Scotland, so even if I won, I wouldn't win anything - although the author commenting on the cover is pretty awesome. I won the Losing Faith cover contest btw, so Julie got Losing Faith - awesome part about having a US co-blogger is I get to enter US only contests like this and have someone to give the prize to if I win). =P

Oh and the contest is over on Princess Bookies blog. Go enter, it's fun.

Original cover:

My attempt (& my migraine is still there - the army of metaphorical tap dancing people on my brain now seem to be doing a conga... or the Time Warp or something - so yeah, my creativity right now is pretty failsome) click/open in a new tab for full size:

I couldn't find decent stock photos, so I went with TV show stills... o.O I hate doing that almost as much as I hate the idea of using other peoples art work in a cover (like, I don't mean stock photos because that's what they're for - I mean, I've seen people take other peoples art without permission and just shove a title on it without even editing it... which isn't against the rules, I guess, but being a member of Deviantart has made me aware of how pissed off and protective of their art people get & rightly so, so I don't do that). I prefer to stick to stock photos.

Wow, I ramble when my head hurts. More than normal. Sorry. =/


P.s. I totally almost forgot to include the cover. You know you're tired when...


  1. Love your cover! Good luck in the contest =)

  2. You do great cover remakes :D And you're quite right about the people taking things without crediting it and deviantart people's reactions. I'd probably be one of them *nods* I like using stock pictures, except when the person who gives stock photo asks you to credit if you want to use it on another site and they don't answer because they haven't been on their account for a year. *has happened to me* Either way, I like this! And I'm curious to see what you'd do next.

  3. I know what you mean! It makes me so pissed when someone just takes a picture of a site like Deviantart or WeHeartIt and just plat a title on it and enter it! It's not their work and they could win the contest for someone else's picture! And I've seen it happen too. I always make sure that the pictures are stock pictures when I make fan art or (though I don't like to either) I'll use stills from movies or something. But yeah, sorry about my little rant there, it's just something that pushes my buttons.

    Plus I LOVE your cover and it's even better knowing that it's your own work :) What do you really acommplish with someone else's?

  4. Your cover remake looks wonderful!

    I'm sorry to hear that you have a migraine, I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Great cover I love how you split the top and bottom, it looks fabulous.

  6. Love the cover. Good Luck , Im now a new follower



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