Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy Book Birthday, Across the Universe!

Today, Across the Universe releases to the world! And to celebrate, Penguin has sent out some top secret info for us to share with you!

First, a video from Beth Revis talking about Across the Universe and the ship, Godspeed.

 The Across the Universe trailer:

More Across the Universe fun needed?
Find it on facebook! Look through its website! Read the first 111 pages from 11:11 am Eastern to 11:11 pm Eastern!

The website is TRULY amazing guys. You can click on different parts of the ship and highlight them so they're all in color. Then you can click it to get close ups. Isn't that amazing?

STILL not satisfied? Then you can stalk---errr, follow Beth Revis, the epic author!
You can check out her website! Follow her blog! Or follow her twitter!

Do you STILL need more? Then keep up with PenguinTeen at their website, facebook, and twitter!

Think you're read to BUY Across the Universe now? You can buy it at Barnes and Noble, Borders, IndieBound, The Book Depository, or wherever else works for you! Just go get it!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing, the videos are _great_. I bet Beth was a fantastic classroom teacher (hmm, or still is? realize I don't know it she still teaches)



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