Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Very, Very, Very, Very, VERY Happy Blogoversary to Harmony!

I'm sure many of you know my lovely, Harmony. She started blogging at Harmony's Radiant Reads a year ago today and has blossomed since then. 

She's dedicated to her blog, despite a hectic schedule. She's funny and smart and her reviews are great. Harmony's kind and a fantastic writer and an epic gift giver. She's generous to the point of ridiculous sometimes, as well. ;)

Harmony's one of my best friends and the best critique partner I've ever had. I'm so, SO glad I "met" her and get to talk to her every day. She keeps me going and inspires me. And someday, I hope to meet her in real life. There will be squeeing and jumping and hugs, I'm sure. 

But for TODAY, you should go and follow her blog and enter her contest. Congratulate her on a year of fabulous and wish her another year more.


Now that Julie has done the whole words thing, I am now going to do an interpretive dance a visual interpretation... 

Well, not YOU...your blog., yes:

And this concludes Lanna's contribution to the post. 
Harmony is awesome. :)


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