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Jane by April Lindner

by April Lindner

Summary: Forced to drop out of an esteemed East Coast college after the sudden death of her parents, Jane Moore takes a nanny job at Thornfield Park, the estate of Nico Rathburn, an iconic rock star on the brink of a huge comeback.

Practical and independent, Jane reluctantly becomes entranced by her magnetic and brooding employer, and finds herself in the midst of a forbidden romance. But there's a mystery at Thornfield, and Jane's much-envied relationship with Nico is tested by a torturous secret from his past.

Okay, so basically....djdsbliedhleuhrfrofiiotnOMGWTFBBQYAY!

 /Gif interpretation. I was struggling with coherency when I tried to turn my thoughts on the book into words.

I really, really loved this book and I'm not quite sure why I loved it as much as I was just an awesome brooding romance with a main character that I genuinely liked and a love interest who made me swoon; he was the perfect mix of bad boy and loveliness. I'd like to keep him but, alas, he is fictional -- damn.

But yeah, I absolutely loved it. Seriously. Absolutely. Totally. I loved the book so much that as soon as I was finished, I put it straight into the pile of books that I'm going to force Batman to read (Batman as in my best friend who is nicknamed Batman, not the fictional character). I only force books on her that I think she may love.

Jane -- she really stands out amongst the other protagonists in books I read. She was awkward and actually was different and not just one of those characters that we're supposed to believe is a unique little snowflake without it ever being shown. Her character really grows in the book too, her character development is really well done and I love that, when a character changes throughout the book but it doesn't feel like a forced change.

I haven't read Jane Eyre yet, but I own it and this book made me want to read it so I'm going to do that when I have time. Another sign of a good retelling = if it makes me want to read the original. I'd still recommend the book even to people who don't like the original, the retelling might push your buttons in a way Jane Eyre didn't (Batman didn't like the original and I still forced this book on her and she's a tough judge when it comes to books).

Anyway, this review has been scattered and not very good, sorry. But I'm so glad that Julie and I did the whole books my co-blogger forced me to read challenge, because if we hadn't then I probably would've put off reading this book for even longer and I would've been missing out on the awesomeness.

Fun/silly fact: when I finished reading, I attempted to make fan art for it (because I like to properly visualize the characters using actual people), but I couldn't get any good pictures to work with. I pictured Ian Somerhalder as Nico (and he'll be 33 this year, so he could be old enough). Failed attempt:



  1. Jane is pretty excellent, however I picture Nico as looking a bit more older, since I think he was in his 30s.

  2. *Runs off to order a copy*

    I have Jane Eyre, but I haven't read it yet either. The BBC's version the other year was pretty awesome.

    Fantastic review... scattered as it was :)

  3. I effing LOVE this books. <3

  4. I've been looking at this book for awhile and you really make me want to read it. I'm getting it! Thanks.

  5. My review of Jane was also very scatterbrained, because I loved it so much! I think your picture of Jane is a great match... but I imagined Nico as an edgy James Mcavoy... ;)
    - Alyssa of Redhead Heroines
    Book Review of "Jane" by April Lindner

  6. Beautiful book...I'm only 16 and I totally pictured Nico as Ronnie Radke! LOL.



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