Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mini-Review: Nicola and the Viscount by Meg Cabot

Nicola and the Viscount
Meg Cabot
Macmillian Children's Books
[February 7, 2004]


Nicola Sparks, sixteen and an orphan, is ready to dive headlong into her first London Season. A whirlwind of fashionable activities awaits her, although nabbing a husband, ordinarily the prime object of every girl's Season, is not among them. For Nicola has already chosen hers: a handsome viscount by the name of Lord Sebastian.

The Viscount

Lord Sebastian Bartholomew is wealthy, attractive, and debonair, even if the few tantalizingly short moments Nicola has spent with him have produced little save discussions about poetry. Nicola is sure that a proposal from Lord Sebastian would be a match made in heaven. Everything is going well, until the infuriating Nathaniel Sheridan begins to cast doubt on the viscount's character.

Nicola is convinced Nathaniel's efforts to besmirch Lord Sebastian's sterling reputation will yield nothing. But when she begins to piece things together for herself, the truth that is revealed has as much to do with the viscount as it does with Nicola's own heart.
I don't really have a lot to say about this book. It was just cute and fluffy. The characters were fun and feisty. I loved Nicola and Nathaniel. The story was exciting and fast paced and it was just a quick read. It's light and fun and perfect for this time of year! I  highly recommend this book as well as Meg Cabot's other historical YA, Victoria and the Rogue!



  1. Sounds like and fun and light reading. thanks!

  2. Lol! I love Cabot's books - especially this and Victoria and Rogue (reviewed on my site!)

    Lovely, fun reads! :D



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