Thursday, 28 July 2011

Back When You Were Easier To Love: This or That

Today we have Zan from Back When You Were Easier to Love! He's giving us a few of his preferences so you can get to know him better!

Coffee or Soda?  Coffee is the elixir of gods.

Pirates or Ninjas? Neither-- the whole thing is juvenile.  Now ask me about my thoughts on Nietzsche…

Day or Night?  Everything good happens at night

Night In or Night Out? Depends on who I’m in—or out—with.

Summer or Winter? Some people don’t like all the darkness, but I do. 

Nerds or Geeks?  I’d consider myself both. 

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla is blasé. 

Day Dreaming or Exploring?  Day dreaming is exploring—exploring the world of the mind.  I prefer to explore my mind and the tangible world, as well.

Novels or Poetry?  Poetry says all in but few words.

or Dogs?   Cats are brilliant.

My cat would definitely agree that she's superior to the dogs!

Thanks for stopping by Zan (and Emily)! 

You can check out Back When You Were Easier to Love by Emily Wing Smith now and get to know Zan and the other characters better!


1 comment:

  1. HAHAAA OMG I hate Zan but I loved this interview.

    Noah FTW.



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