Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mini-Review: Royally Crushed by Niki Burnham

Royally Crushed
Niki Burnham
Simon Pulse
[March 22, 2011]

A sweet and sparkly romantic comedy about finding your prince!  
True love isn't only in fairy tales...When Valerie's parents split up and she has to move to a tiny European country called Schwerinborg, she's pretty sure her life is over. That is, until she meets Georg. He's smart, sweet, and unbelievably cute. And even better, he's a prince! But with Georg under so much pressure, and the press watching their every move, Valerie soon discovers dating a prince is not exactly the happily ever after she'd been hoping for. But Georg has swept her off her feet and Valerie's not ready to give up her prince just yet...

Originally, I wasn't going to review this, then I kinda figured, what the heck, why not?

This is a cute, fluffy, light read. It's adorable and sweet and just plain fun. Valerie can be annoying and the story can be predictable, but as long as you're in the mood for that (which I was) and you take it for what it is (which I do), then it's a really enjoyable story. If you need some fluff and you're craving some royals (don't ask why, but sometimes I really just want to read a book with royalty in it), then this is definitely one to pick up this summer!



  1. Sounds fun! Maybe I'll read it when I need something light and just fun :)

  2. well i was starting to read so far it is pretty good! Hope it as good as you said. :)



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