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Discussion/Recommendations: Other Things We Like

To state the obvious: this is a book blog. We love to read. We love books. We love to talk about books…but there are other things we love too and I guess I just wanted to discuss/recommend some of them and also find out what things you guys like other than books too.

I’ll put the discussion questions first, before I get to the recs:

1. Would you like us maybe to do another post like this (recommending things we like)?
2. What are some things you guys like and would recommend to other people? (It can be anything from things to do, things to make, things to watch or listen to or things to buy - anything.)
3. Thoughts on any of the things mentioned in this post (below)?

Now, onto the recommendations and these will be quite varied - things from music to products.

Lip balm: I’m not an overly girly girl, I don’t wear make-up much but I do love lip balms and here are a few of my favourites and if you haven’t tried them then you should.

Cherry Carmex
Lip Smackers lip balms
Lip Butter from The Body Shop
Lip Balm from The Body Shop

I’m fussy when it comes to lip balms - they have to taste nice and I hate it when they’re too glossy or too sticky, those ones are just right.

The Carmex is probably my favourite, it smells lovely and it has a cooling kind of feeling on your lips and it’s not sticky. It's pretty cheap too. It comes in pots, chapsticks and tubes and mint, strawberry, cherry and original flavour (my brother has chapped lips because of the medication he’s on and he says he likes Carmex better than anything else after I forced it on him - although he refuses to use the cherry or strawberry flavour ones claiming they’re girly).

Taste-wise, Lip Smackers definitely win, they taste so good but because of this, I end up needing to reapply them a whole lot sooner than the others. The Body Shop ones are a bit more sticky than the other two but they're still good.

Hand cream: I love hand cream and sanitizing hand gel, but I'll just go with hand cream for this.

Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream...seriously the best hand cream I've ever used. Smells gorgeous, not sticky and it left my hands all soft and lovely. My male best friend uses the same brand and I introduced it to my other best friend and she’s been using it ever since.

I recommend Soap and Glory products in general, really; they do everything from shampoo to perfumes.

…I’ll stop with the product type things now.

Music: I love music, I'm kind of a music whore…Well, actually, more of a pimp really -- I force music on my friends (I think music was actually one of the things Julie and I bonded over...we both used to go on IMDb and we'd talk books and music and I've forced so much music on her and my other friends over the years *facepalm*)

I like stuff from every genre from classical to death metal (I’m actually listening to Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky right now) but I go through phases of liking one genre more than the other and I'm in an indie/folk/acoustic-y phase right now. I’ll try to put a mix of music in this playlist (I did have stuff like The Beatles on here but the playlist got insanely long).

TV Shows: I did have a movies category but the list was huge so I decided to go with TV shows. I won’t go with obvious ones like Pretty Little Liars or Vampire Diaries. They’re not listed in order of preference. Each title will link to a trailer of the first series of each show.

1. Dark Angel - If you like dystopian books, you'll probably love this's awesome and Max is such a bad ass character and the world is so cool. The show was cancelled after two seasons but there is a prequel book and two books that pick up where the show left off and they wrap up the storylines (I really liked the books too).

2. Point Pleasant - This show was only one series long before it got cancelled (why, oh why, do the good ones always get cancelled?) but it was good. The way it ends is pretty unique for a show and I like that. It's very good vs. evil and figuring out if there's a gray area and how much of it is choice.

3. Misfits - If you're in the UK (or a total tumblr junkie) then you'll probably have heard of this one. It's kind of like the UK version of Heroes...only with a bunch of teenage delinquents on community service as the ones with powers and it's absolutely hilarious and the characters are so awesome.

4. Skins (I couldn't find an official trailer so that's a fanmade one and probably has spoilers, jsyk) - Again, if you're in the UK then you'll have heard of this one. They tried to do an American remake which failed spectacularly and got cancelled after the first series while the UK version is on its sixth...the UK version is awesome, especially the first generation (each cast stays for two series before a new bunch takes over - it follows them through sixth form a.k.a. the two senior years of high school).

5. Lost Girl - Canadian show and way, way, way underrated. I think the second season starts soon but it's awesome. It's about Fae and there aren't many shows about fae going around. The main character is a succubus called Bo and she's funny and kick ass and there's werewolves, leprechauns, banshees and a snarky-but-awesome human side-kick called Kenzi.

6. Instant Star - Another Canadian show, I think it ended after 4 seasons but it wrapped up well enough. It's like...a TV show following this girls personal life and music career after she wins an X Factor/Idol type show. The music is good, the cast is great and I adore the characters. (Most of the fan made trailers for City of Bones that use Alexz Johnson as Clary? Clips from Instant Star, same as the dude as Simon)

7. Dawson’s Creek - Old skool 90's TV show. This's's, but in a good way and the stuff the characters go through are still relevant and unlike shows like Pretty Little Liars and 90210 and The Lying Game, it follows kind of regular teens instead of the ones who look like they fell out of a magazine. Pacey/Joey was like my first characters ship and Jack was lovely, first gay character crush. =P

8. Lost in Austen - So this one isn't exactly a TV show, but it was shown on TV and is split into parts. Basically, girl from London - loud, opinionated, not particularly lady-like - ends up swapping places with Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice...hilarity ensues.

9. Tess of the D’Urbervilles - Like above, not exactly a TV show. Adaption of the book by the same name and it's sad and awesome and well cast and awesome and sad and...I'm getting repetetive.

10. Supernatural - This show is amazing. It's funny, it follows these two brothers as they...well, hunt supernatural things. They stop the things that go bump in the night and there's all sorts of supernatural creatures and there's individual story arcs in each episodes as well as ones that span over whole seasons and all the seasons. The characters are brilliant: I'd like to keep the Winchester boys and Castiel and Bobby would be such a cool uncle and...yeah. Watch it.

Honorable mention: Doctor Who...everyone has probably heard of this. Even if you're not into sci-fi/spacey/time travel type stuff, you might still like this show, it's really really good.

Journals: this one is more of a "something to do" thing than anything else.

I don't mean like, "Dear Diary, today I drank juice and Sally was a bitch and the boy in my class is so hot!" -- I mean...find something you love and make a journal about it. If it's pictures or going to gigs or whatever, make a scrapbook of photos and ticket stubs and quotes and things that remind you of whatever it is and it's a nice thing to look back on.

I keep a few journals...I have a memory journal - sometimes I'll remember random things and I'll just write down the memory and looking back on it is like looking through a photo album only in words.

I have a thought journal too - where I'll just scribble down whatever is in my head. I keep a tumblr where I post a lot of those Lanna-thought-scribbles typed up. Examples (and link to the tumblr in case you're interested) don't have to read the examples, it's just to show what I mean:


I have a journal of letters. Letters to people I don't talk to anymore or can't talk to anymore, all of them start off "Hello Stranger" and don't mention names, they're just addressed to "you"'s a weird collection. I have a couple of them typed up, like this one, or quoted like these ones:


But yeah, it's really fun. It's a nice thing to have them to look back on. I have others too, ones filled with lists (I like lists), book ones, music ones, story idea ones, ones with quotes and drabbles and things.

I’ll leave the post at that, there were other things I was going to recommend (more music, movies, jewellery, perfumes etc.) but the post is a bit long. If you didn't hate this post and wouldn't mind more like it, say so in the comments cause there's plenty of other stuff I could recommend.



  1. Wow! I thought I was the only one that loves Lost Girl! I am anxiously awaiting the new season! :)

  2. I loved it! Awesome post! You should definitely do more posts like these! btw big fan of your blog!

  3. I ADORE supernatural! Sam is....oh sooo wonderful <3 dean is my rock and roll sweetheart, but sam is....god, sam is just amazing. perfect and mine xD
    sorry for the fangirly moment, but i absolutly love supernatural! email me if you want to fangirl!!!

  4. I like posts like these. I think it's fun to see what other things fellow bloggers enjoy. =)

    Yay for Lost in Austen and Doctor Who... I adoreeee both of those. I watched Instant Star as well, although I wasn't a huge fangirl or anything. My favourite Canadian TV show is probably Being Erica.

  5. SUPERNATURAL!!!!!! :D I love that show too. Doesn't get half as much recognition as it deserves.

  6. I love this post! your music taste looks awesome and there's a few bands on there that I havent heard of some Im just about to check them out! :D



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