Thursday, 29 December 2011

Julie's Reading/Blogging Goals for 2012

I don't think a lot's going to change in 2012 or anything, but I feel like if I share my goals with you, and the couple changes I think might happen, then maybe they'll ACTUALLY happen.

  • I want to have less than 50 books on my TBR pile when I leave for college in August or September. Currently, there's 147 and that number's expected to grow because I haven't even spent my Christmas gift cards and I can now use Netgalley. This means I have to read more, read faster, and be more careful about what books I ADD to my TBR pile. Theoretically, it'll also mean I can schedule ahead for when I'm in college and actually busy. It also means...
  • I'm going to start reviewing sequels. I've always been paranoid about reviewing sequels because I don't want to spoil previous books for you guys. Unless it's a review book, I didn't do it. But there's just too many on my TBR pile that I keep putting off reading because I can't review it. For my goal to work, that has to stop. I don't think you guys will mind too much, will you?
  • It also means more reviews of older books. Both my own and review books that I couldn't read by their release date, so they just kind of sit on my shelf, sad and alone. I don't think you guys will mind since now they'll be books that are easier to get, but it's a goal of mine. I'm kind of excited at the idea. Lately I feel like all I read is the newest and most recent releases. It'd be nice to read something that doesn't pop up on every other blog at the same time.
  • All this in mind, I want to read even more books this year. In 2010, I read about 115. This year, I've read over 120 (not including rereads and manuscripts and such). In 2012, I want to read even more. 130 maybe?
  • I want to keep up with Waiting on Wednesday. As 2012 starts, I may start cutting back so there's fewer books per post (I'm sure you guys will be SO sad), but I do like doing WoW because I can get you guys excited about books I'm excited about. The sooner I get you excited, the more okay you are with me going on and on about a book because you guys are too. It also means I can schedule way in advance.
  • I want to write my reviews within 24 hours of reading the book. I'm really bad at reviewing in a timely fashion, guys. Right now, there's a book I read a month ago that needs to be reviewed. There's some that are from even longer ago that either I'm not sure I want to review or I'm putting off for some other reason. It makes it harder for me to review the book, which means you get lower quality. It's not fair for anyone.
  • This one depends on you, but I kind of want to review more adult books and maybe even some classics. I don't have many, but I have some that are stuck on my TBR pile, waiting for me to get ahead enough to have time to read them without too much guilt. I'd love to get to them without making the blog fall behind. Is it something you guys would like to see? Any ideas on what to do with those?
  • I want to do some kind of theme or challenge week/month. Lanna and I did a challenge with each other to read books the other picked out and I loved it so much, I'll be doing it with Harmony at Harmony's Radiant Reads at the end of January. I would love to do more stuff like this. 
  • I adore discussion posts, so obviously I'd love to continue doing those. If possible, I'd like to do one  every two or so weeks. Obviously, it depends entirely on if we can come up with an idea, but it'd be nice. Discussions are a lot of fun for us and we love seeing you guys participate in them.
  • You guys may have noticed, but I've been reviewing some books pretty early lately. It takes some pressure off me to read a book a few weeks before it's release date to make sure I don't miss the release date, and then I can just post the review so I don't have a post scheduled weeks in advance, but nothing to go up the next day. I don't know if you guys like it, but it's nice for me to do. I promise I won't go more than a month in advance without a reason, though (unless you guys want that?)
  • This one's probably impossible, but I'd love to try and have a post go up everyday. I used to obsess over it, but eventually had to give up because it just wasn't happening. But I'm hoping that just maybe it'll happen this year. Again, not likely, but it'd be nice, don't you think?
So, these are my basic ideas. They're just my ideas, not Lanna's, and I can't guarantee they'll happen, but I'd like them to.

For a lot of these, I want your input. Do you want theme weeks and challenges? Do you like seeing reviews early? Is it okay for me to review adult/classics a bit more often? Do you like Waiting on Wednesday? Will you mind seeing me review sequels? Is there something else you want to see on the blog in 2012?

If majority of you guys are really against one of these ideas, then I'll definitely consider dropping it. We're not going to totally overhaul the blog based on a few opinions, but we do want you guys to like what you're finding here.

Basically, leave your opinions and ideas and such in the comments. I'd love to hear them! And what are your blogging/reading goals for 2012?



  1. I really like a lot of these ideas, especially reviewing sequels, classics, and adult books. It's your blog, read and review what YOU want! I don't think I'd participate much in theme weeks or challenges, but try them if you feel like it. Can't wait to see what you have to share on the blog in 2012!

  2. I love seeing reviews of "older" books! I get kind of frustrated when all I see on various blogs are reviews of ARCs that don't come out for awhile because I can't get my hands on them and because all I can really say in comments is "Wow, I want to read this" (I can't discuss the book). Plus, it gets kind of annoying to see 100 reviews of the same brand new or not yet released title at one time.

  3. Hugely fantastical goals! I adore them. I'm a big supporter of reviewing everything I read, Publication date be darned. Best of luck!

  4. I really like your goals!

    Reviewing sequels sounds great, I think people are smart enough to not read reviews for books in a series they haven't read. I like reading reviews for sequels when I've read the first book in a series and aren't sure if I'll continue with the series or not .. Also, you really should review older books and classics! Everyone are talking about the same books and it's not fun to read a hundred different a reviews of the newest book .. It would be fun to get some recommendations of older books once in a while! :)

  5. I agree with Liz- do what you want! I usually review pretty much everything I read because I have no time to not review one.

    Reviewing older books is a great idea. I wish I could go back and read/review a lot of my older ARCs but it's hard to fit it into my schedule with all the new stuff. But occasionally, I can fit one or two in if I don't have too many books for a particular month.

    Good luck with your goals and challenges!



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