Sunday, 15 April 2012

In My Mailbox 115

For Easter, my mom always gives us a little basket of candy, $5, and then some little toy or gift card or whatever. This year, I got a $50 gift card for Amazon (I'm betting it has to do with all the college stuff. She's never that generous), so I bought some Kindle books and I still have a ton of money left. So, if you have any cheap YA or historical romance Kindle books, I'd be interested in knowing about it. I'd also be willing to do a weekly round up of cheap books I find if y'all are interested. I'm not associated with Amazon, I don't even particularly like them as a company, but I like cheap books and I can only really get Kindle books since I have a Kindle so...there you go. Now, the part YOU wanna read about:

Silver by Talia Vance
Keeping Holding On by Susanne Colasanti

Curricle and Chase by Lizzie Church (Now $1.57 unless you have Prime on Amazon)
A Song Across the Sea by Shana McGuinn (Now $2.99 unless you have Prime)
Duke of Deception by Stephie Smith  (Now $3.99 on Amazon unless you have Prime)
How to Distract a Duchess by Mia Marlowe (On Amazon)
Aurora Abroad by Karen Kiefer (On Amazon)
Branded by Keary Taylor (On Amazon)

I Kissed an Earl by Julie Anne Long ($1.99 on Amazon)
My Wicked Earl by Linda Needham ($1.99 on Amazon)
Waterfall by Lisa Bergren ($1.99 on Amazon)

I've already read My Wicked Earl and What an Earl Wants. Aurora Abroad had been on my wish list for MONTHS, so when I saw it was free, I snatched it up. And...yup. Anything catch your fancy? Do you want me to keep linking to Amazon when I get it from there?



  1. These books look interesting. Haven't heard of some of them but I'll be adding some to my TBR list. Hope you enjoy 'em Julie!

    Ezzy @ P a R a F a N T a S Y

  2. lovely post you have very intresting blog



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