Monday, 30 April 2012

While He Was Away by Karen Schreck

While He Was Away
Karen Schreck
Sourcebooks Fire
[May 1, 2012]

"This is just something I have to do, okay?" I hear David say. "The right thing."

He cradles my face in his hands. He kisses me hard. Then he lets go of me. His eyes dart from me to whatever's next.

All she wants is for him to stay. She's been doing pretty well, pretending he doesn't have to go. But one day, after one last night to remember, she wakes up and there's no denying it anymore. He's gone.

When Penna Weaver's boyfriend goes off to Iraq, she's left facing life without him. As summer sets in, Penna tries to distract herself with work and her art, but the not knowing is slowly driving her crazy. Especially when David stops writing.

She knows in her heart he will come home. But will he be the same boy she fell in love with?

I read this book and then I let it sit and frankly, I'm not impressed.

I didn't really have expectations when I went into this one. I hadn't heard anything about it, but all the military novels out this year intrigue me, so of course I decided to try it. I guess the only thing I was hoping for was watching Penna and David's relationship go through his deployment, but that became a pretty minor plot line.

It was pretty well written and Penna's a nice enough character. Yet nothing was truly remarkable. I liked the characters, but the most interesting one's weren't really that well developed. I wanted more from some of the characters.

There were a couple different story lines and relationships being looked at here. And, for me, none of those story lines or relationship developments were really finished. There were a couple that had a bit of closure, but I didn't finish this book and feel satisfied with what I'd read. I felt like there was lot more that could've been said and explored and closed. Even in some of the places where there was closure, I wasn't really happy about how it ended. In other places, there were hints of a plot line that then never developed. That was kinda frustrating.

Maybe this book will work for you. It was slow and steady and well written, it just wasn't a stand out for me. It wasn't even really good for me. Maybe it's me, maybe it's the book. But if you need something with a slower pace and less romance and more family/friend relationships, then this isn't a bad book to try.


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  1. It was a good read but glad I waited until my boyfriend who is now my husband and father of my child was home to read this.



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