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Discussion: E-books/readers - A Change of Opinion

This probably won't be an interesting discussion at all, I was just curious to see if anyone else has had a change of heart about the whole e-books/e-readers thing and to see if anyone agrees with me about the sense of ownership thing when it comes to ebooks - so yeah, if you don't want to read the post, you could just skip down to the questions.

Okay, back when the whole e-reader thing started becoming a big deal and there was the whole e-books vs. "real" books debate going on, I was very firmly anti-ebook.

I mean, it didn't bother me if other people chose to have an e-reader and read e-books, but it was something I personally didn't want to do. But my opinion has changed since then and so have the opinions of some people I know (like my two best friends who both bought Kindles).

I still prefer physical books to ebooks, but I'd totally be open to having an e-reader now and I love sites like Netgalley (although I don't review many books on there -- mainly because I don't have an e-reader so to read the books, I have to read them on my laptop which is just full of distractions and a pain on the eyes).

My attachment to physical books is mostly down to nostalgic/sentimental reasons - it feels more like...reading, when it's done with a book that you can hold in your hands and feel the pages and feel the weight of it and really see the progress you're making than it does with an ebook.

My only real issue with ebooks now is that they seem to often be more expensive than physical books (or the same price - at least the ones I've looked at have been)...which wouldn't be so bad, except that when I have an ebook, it doesn't feel like I OWN the book. Books on my shelves, I look at those and feel like they're mine but with ebooks I don' always feels like I'm just borrowing them, that they're temporary.

I never include ebooks in book hauls and all of the ebooks that I own never get added to the books I own on Goodreads or Shelfari. Basically, I just wanted to see if anyone else has had a change of heart about ebooks that were against them before.

Discussion questions: 

1. Ebooks and ereaders: yay or nay? (And why?)
2. Has your opinion on them changed at all?
3. When you have an ebook, does it feel like you own it?

And I'll stop rambling now.



  1. I've always been pretty open about eBooks and I've had an eReader for about a year and a half now. I really enjoy it, but I have to say that I *mostly* use it for books I got off Netgalley, etc. I've bought some eBooks, but mostly only when they're on sale. Like you said, I don't necessarily feel like I completely own a book when I just own the eBook. I think that's because I can't loan it out in the same way as I would my physical books. I still like physical books and I mostly buy physical books, but I really do love my eReader. It's a lot more convenient to take in my purse and read at work during lunch, etc.

  2. I still hate ebooks. In my mind, they just aren't "real" books. I love the physical experience and I'd prefer to spend money on a physical object. If it's a free short story or an egalley of my most wanted book, I'll read it on the computer, but otherwise, no.

  3. I basically feel the same way you do. I like the aesthetic feel of holding a book, turning the pages, oodling the covers, sniffing the pages-


    but yeah, e-books just aren't my thing.

  4. While I was never completely anti-ereader, I felt very similarly about ebooks. I still do prefer physical books for all of the reasons you listed, but I also own a Nook now, which I love. On the other hand, I have yet to pay over $5 for an ebook. I usually snag them when they're on sale. You'll never catch me paying more (or even the same price) for an ebook when a physical copy is an option!

  5. I do prefer physical books, too for the exact same reasons you listed. I do try to make compromises with myself, though :) Whenever I see an ebook that's on sale or a lot less expensive than the physical version, I'll buy the ebook!



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