Friday, 11 May 2012

Shopping Bookish

(Giving all credit to The Perpetual Page Turner for this post. 1.) Because she did a post like this and 2.) She linked me to Etsy. It's all her fault I got reobsessed.)

I can be kind of an Etsy-addict. Around Christmas time is when it first happened. I needed a Hunger Games gift for my friend. Things went downhill from there. Time passed, I stopped. But then last night...last night things went bad again. So, in order to justify the hours I spent on Etsy, I thought I would share the bookish things I found and said "NEED. ALL OF THE NEED WHY AM I SO BROKE/CREDIT CARD LESS?"

The Austen-Inspired

It's not a secret that I'm an Austen fan, mostly Pride and Prejudice. So...this section's a little out of hand.

 For My Mates at Hogwarts

 Because let's face it, we're YA lovers. Where would we be without our beloved Potter?

May The Odds Be Ever In Our Favor



Because...because I found stuff.


For none of the above:

I'm going to leave it there for now. Anything catch your fancy? Anything you've found on your own?


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  1. I'm refusing to open any of these links because I know I'll end up buying at least one thing if I do. Half of the things on Etsy suck, but then you get to the fun stuff and god, do I want to buy it all...



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