Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Review Catch Up (Part 1)

So...it's pretty obvious that I haven't reviewed much in the past...almost year. Therefore, I'm HORRIBLY behind. My "needs-review" shelf on goodreads has 43 titles and I stopped adding books to the shelf at some point so who knows how many I'm missing. 

Since it's been so long since I've read a number of these (and because I just CAN'T catch up on that many reviews), I'm going to do super quick recaps. Title, author, picture, release date, publisher, did I like it or not. That's pretty much it. I'll do 5 a post until I've run through everything. And I'll probably do something similar to this in the future for books I just...don't feel strongly enough to write a review about so you guys still get a sense of what I'm reading and feeling for every title I pick up.

Rae Carson
Greenwillow Books
[September 18, 2012]

This, for those who don't know, is the sequel to The Girl of Fire and Thorns which I adored. So I requested an ARC of this approximately a bajillion years ago and ended up with 2. I devoured it and guys, guys, GUYS. Rae Carson is a genius. She is an insta-buy author. This sequel is just as incredible as the first book and I've read the third book (which will get its' own review) and Rae can write a mother freaking SERIES guys. 

So...in other words, you should pick up this book if you haven't. If you haven't read The Girl of Fire and Thorns, then you need to fix your priorities and pick up that book.

Nancy Grossman
Hyperion Book CH
[July 12, 2012]

Guys, oh guys. This book. It tugged at my heart strings and demanded my love and my devotion. It's about an Amish girl experiencing the "English" world for the first time and falling in love and it's painful and beautiful and lovely. 

The only reason I couldn't hand over my love was the ending. It was incredibly realistic and true to the story and made sense, but I wasn't happy with it personally. Because...I can't explain why without spoilers but just...yeah. I'm still hoping Nancy will write more with Hyperion and, as always, I'm hoping for more Amish books for inexplicable reasons.

Erin McCahan
Arthur A. Levine Books
[June 1, 2010]

This book...was a thing. 

I mean...I don't really remember it, so therefore, I did not like it as much as I wanted to. It was quirky and fun but I think it might have just been too weird for me. Alternate personalities, proposal in high school, relationship oddness...it was a lot packed into a very tiny book and I had a hard time with it.

For the weird and the quirky, check this one out. Otherwise...*shrug* Go to your local library and see if they have it/ask for it?

I think I'll leave this at 3 today so I have time to sort through and figure out what I'm actually capable of reviewing and what I'm not up for reviewing. Do you have any thoughts on these three?


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