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Saying Goodbye to The Special Books

I'm pretty sure I've discussed in the past that there are books I love and then there are the books that are on a completely different level. Maybe they're books you grew up with or maybe they're books that you bonded with someone over or maybe they're just books that sewed themselves to your heart and refuse to leave.

It's hard enough when those books are stand-a-lones because the book ends and...that's it. It ends. You'll have other chances to read books by the author, maybe even companion books, but they won't be the same because they aren't that book. That one book by that one author kind of owns you and nothing will change that. But then it gets worse when it's a series.

I don't finish a lot of series, I have to say. Because honestly, I just don't have time. With all the books I read in the year between one book coming out and the next, I forget what happens in the book before it and don't have time to reread it. Or I just don't love the first book enough to care about other books in the series when there are so many books that are MORE interesting. Other times, I just...don't. But with some series, it's like I don't have a choice.

Harry Potter is obviously among them. I've talked many times about what Harry meant to me. I cried when I finished the last book, partly because umm guys have you read it, partly because it was 3 am and I'd been up since 9 doing nothing but reading this book, and partly was over. Sure there were still movies to come, but the story had ended. And then I went through it again when the movies ended anyway.

Twilight could have been that for me as it was my first vampire experience and my first fandom, but then the last book happened. So Vampire Academy kind of took its place. VA and Blue Bloods were what kept me going during my need for vampires. VA is the kind of series with utterly badass heroines and a fantastic love interest who wasn't really a hero so much as just a really awesome dude. When the next book published, I pounced on them and devoured them because I couldn't NOT. Then there was the Gemma Doyle trilogy which I initially picked up because of pretty dresses and ended up writing my college admission essay on. 

Recently, I've had more of these series pop up because...I get to know the authors. And the authors are lovely people. So how can I not just fall more and more in love with their books?

One of the first series that became special since I began blogging was the Hourglass series by Myra McEntire. It was one of the first series I followed from the time the deal sold. Oh how I pined for the first book and I squealed when I got it. And then Timepiece came into my hands and the happiness continued. I've pushed these books on everyone I can. I've talked about them countless times on this blog. I have a poster of Hourglass that was the first thing on my wall in my dorm and may be the first thing on my wall in this apartment. My Kindle is named Emerson and the Infinityglass cover is the background of my laptop. This series was also a pretty big part of why I wanted to watch Doctor Who and fell in love with the series (I now can pitch it as a book with the feel of Doctor Who in book form with better female characters so).

Needless to say, I have a lot of feelings about this series. Myra being a fantastic human being only adds to my endless love. (She's even the first person to send me mail in this apartment like guys, GUYS.)

So when the first chapter of Infinityglass was posted yesterday and some new details about the perspective were released...I had a lot more feelings that I'd gotten I was going to have.

First of all, I never read these first chapters or first excerpts of books because I KNOW they will slay me.'s Infinityglass. It's not out for a few more months. I was going to read it. 

A few pages in, I was falling in love with Myra's writing and characters and story all over again but I was sad. Incredibly sad. Because reading this chapter brought me that much closer to the end. 

I had to stop reading for a few moments to make sure I didn't cry. Because I don't know what I'll do when this series ends. This series has meant so much to me and will always mean so much to me, but I'll lose that sense of anticipation, of waiting for the next book, of hypothesizing what will be next with other fans. Of course I'll still read and love Myra's other books, I have zero doubt about that. And I wouldn't be surprised if her future books also become special books. But I can't think about that while I'm still contemplating the end of a series of special books.

How do you cope? Man, it's been so long since I've been through this process that I just...don't remember. Will I drown myself in other time travel stories? Continue my rewatch of Doctor Who and weep over how poorly written the female characters are as the series continues? Refresh Myra's twitter feed until she announces more books and then start the anticipation process all over again?

We all mourn in different ways and sometimes that mourning process varies depending on what you're mourning, but I don't even remember how I've mourned in the past. I know with Harry Potter, I avoided books with witches like the PLAGUE until glowing reviews of Hex Hall won me over. And I know I've been hesitant with vampire books since finishing Vampire Academy (Julie Kagawa's series and the Blue Blood series that I started around the same time as VA...but not really anything else). I also tend to avoid historical fiction with paranormal aspects ala the Gemma Doyle trilogy, but that may just be because I love regular historical fiction too much. 

But with all of these books, it's not the vampires or the witches or the paranormal aspects that made me fall in love with those books. It was the story and the characters. Do I stay away from the genre as a whole because all characters and story lines will be held up to the standard of those special books? Maybe. I hope not, though, because I have a number of time travel books I'm pumped about in my TBR pile.

Basically, this whole post is me asking you to help me figure out how to mourn the end of a series that is special to me two months in advance. Because despite my procrastinating ways, I like to plan way in advance so I don't FEEL like I'm procrastinating.

Also, I'm wondering what are your special books and how did you cope when you had to say goodbye?



  1. Well the nice thing about books is that we don't ever really say goodbye. We still have our memories and are able to go in for rereads. Maybe there won't be new stories but they can't take away how much we enjoyed the first reads!

  2. I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I close a book, knowing it's the last one (stand-alones are even harder) But Harry Potter showed me that ending a book doesn't mean ending your love. There are still ways for me to enjoy it (re-reading is fantastic. Watching the movies feels like seeing my old friends again and I love all the HP fan stuff on the internet) So I always try to remind myself that finishing a series of book isn't saying goodbye: because it will be in my mind and I can return any time.


  3. After finishing a book or series that really touched me on some level, I just generally walk around for a few days feeling all hollow and sad. I also can't read during that time, because nothing else measures up. Eventually I pull myself out of the hole and start again. I haven't done this with Harry Potter yet because I only recently started the series! I just got done with the third one. I bet when I finish them all I'll be majorly depressed.



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