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Why College is Better Than High School: A Post by Nazarea Andrews

Today, I'm happy to have the lovely Nazarea Andrews on the blog. She agreed to chat about why college is better than high school, in part because this is a New Adult book set in college and in part because I certainly prefer college to high school so far. I'm also really happy to have her on the blog since I enjoyed This Love quite a bit. So, let's see what she has to say.

I didn’t like high school. I was social awkward, out of place, not that pretty—I was a hot mess. And it was so exclusionary—maybe all schools aren’t like that, but mine was. And I hated it.
Some people do great there—my brothers did.
But for me, the place that I blossomed was college.
I went to a tiny school in east Tennessee, and I loved it. It was almost twelve hours from home. And—for me—it offered two essential things.
A chance to stand on my own, without my parents.
A place where no one knew anything about me.
I think that’s easily the best thing about college. It’s a clean slate—a place where you can start over and redefine yourself. College is, more than high school, the place you really become who you’re going to be. It’s where your on your own, and away from family and friends, you discover what matters, and if you’re a moring person, and how to budget. It’s exciting and terrifying and I absolutely LOVED it.
Which is why it’s so much fun to write about. :)

About the Book: 
She wants a summer job and a ride to a wedding.
He wants an assistant and a distraction from the mess life his had become.
They didn't know they needed each other.

Avery Emili needs two grand. Two grand and a plane ticket--her sister is counting on her to get to Jamaica for her wedding. But the semester is over, and tutoring college freshman and high school students has dried up until the fall.

Atticus Grimes needs help--the messy split with his wife left the twenty-eight year old professor scrambling to keep things together as the semester winds down. Now he's got a research grant he has to actually do research for and all he wants to do is drown himself in a tall bottle of bourbon.
When Avery sees his ad for an assistant, all she's thinking is a summer job. But as they spend time together, in the office and out, both of them begin to realize something is there. Something that can't happen--he's a professor and she's a student. And both of them have histories, pasts that won’t let go. Can two broken people pulled apart by expectations find a way to be whole?
About Nazarea:

Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog
You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

You can buy This Love on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

And you totally should check it out because it IS good can get it as an ebook for $2.99! Totally justifiable.

Thanks so much for stopping by Nazarea!


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