Monday, 26 August 2013

From Page to Screen: Book to Movie Updates (4)

*Updated with the full Divergent trailer I did one of these not too long ago (and updated that one to include the Vampire Academy trailer), but a few trailers have been released in the past few days and I wanna talk about them. You've probably already seen them, but let me know your thoughts in the comments?


Divergent teaser trailer:

I think it looks really good, and pretty faithful to the book. I'm excited for this one now.

The Book Thief trailer:

DFGDGdfjngvldkjfv. That 'bout sums it up. The voice over is kind of awkward (especially the American one) but apparently Markus Zusak confirmed on his facebook that Death will be narrating the movie. The cast looks so great and just...Max...and Liesel...and Rudy...and and and - I approve.

  • Addison Timlin and Jeremy Irvine have been cast as Luce and Daniel in the movie adaption of Fallen by Lauren Kate.

I'm not really in the mood to search for rights sold or set photos/stills and other casting updates, so I'll save that for next time. What do you think of the trailers and cast choices? Excited? Disappointed?



  1. I haven't even read The Book Thief, even though I have a copy (I'm a terrible person). I'm excited to see Geoffrey Rush in it. He's such a phenomenal actor!

  2. I actually just finished The Book Thief and I just found out about this movie like five minutes ago. The book was SO powerful that I think a movie adaptation will be really difficult to make perfect. It's really hard to tell from the short trailer but I'm not sure about Max... does anybody else feel like this? I felt so sympathetic towards him in the book and he had this amazing spark and I don't really feel that towards the movie version. We'll have to see though!

    1. Max is actually one of my favourite parts of the trailer--it's hard to feel sympathy for him from just the trailer without all the context of the scenes and seeing his full story, it'll be better in the full movie. It seems like this trailer went for a more uplifting mood than the story actually has.

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  4. OMG can't WAIT to see both movies! I'm so excited!!!


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