Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Kiss Me Again by Rachel Vail

Kiss Me Again
by Rachel Vail

Summary: Charlie Collins doesn't know what to do about Kevin Lazarus, her crush and, awkwardly, her new stepbrother. Things were complicated enough when their parents were only dating and when Kevin was going out with Charlie's best friend, Tess. Now, post-wedding, Charlie and Kevin are crossing paths and crossing lines, and then they have to eat breakfast . . . together.

If only Charlie could get some time away from Kevin and her annoyingly happy and strange stepfamily, she might be able to deal. Yet first she has to make things right with George, her sort-of boyfriend, and Tess, whose trust she broke. But while Charlie struggles to be the perfect friend and daughter, at the end of the day Kevin is the one waiting for her at home. Would it really be so bad if they kissed again?
So I posted a review of the first book yesterday, and I didn't like it much (to sum up: the whole thing just felt too immature in an annoying way, the characters seemed younger than they were while trying to act older), but there were some things left unresolved in the first book so I wanted to give this one a chance to wrap those storylines up.

I liked this one way more than the first. It literally picks up where the first one left off, and yet the characters felt more mature, more realistically their age instead of being like little kids prattling on and on about things they know nothing about--as far as the characters go, it felt like the story picked up a year or two after the first instead of just where it left off.

I liked the characters way more in this one, and the writing, and the relationships--especially the romance. In this one, it actually felt genuine unlike the first (which literally went from I hate him to I'm kissing him to I love him in like a day without any conversations happening between the two characters).

I still wish the ending wrapped up certain storylines better (like the Tess thing) and was more concrete (with the Kevin thing), but I understand why it wasn't and it was a decent ending, way more satisfying than the first book.

I'd rate this one 3.5 stars out of 5. It was a cute, fun read and I'm glad I read the first one just to get to this one.


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