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New Adult on the Block: Drop Everything Now by Alessandra Thomas

Drop Everything Now
Alessandra Thomas
[September 12, 2013]

Andi rushes home from college to Vegas after a serious car wreck leaves her mother severely injured. Unable to stay with her mother and stepfather in their small townhouse, she bunks down in a seedy hotel and meets Ryder Strong - stripper extraordinaire. Liking him - or anyone like him - wasn't in her plans. Will she let him in enough to change them?

Ryder hasn’t had a single genuine thing in his life since he started stripping, teasing and pleasing for a room full of partying girls – even though what he really wants is a real job and a normal life. Could Andi change his fortune?

Things heat up fast between them, until an ill-informed encounter with a penis pump leaves Ryder's sexy ass couch-ridden and jobless for more than a week. The only joystick Andi can use is the one on Ryder's video game controllers. Getting to know Ryder leads to falling in love – and Andi realizes she might actually like being in Vegas for the first time in her life. But her languishing grades back in Philly and her mother's rapidly improving health tell her it's time to go.

When life takes the scariest turn imaginable, can these two turn it into a happy ending - for both of them?

Ryder Strong. Oh Ryder. Man, Ryder's incredible. 

Drop Everything Now is incredible. 

All of Alessandra's books are incredible. 

Alessandra Thomas creates - relatively - realistic situations, especially when compared to other NA novels. The characters are always well rounded; no stereotypical bad boys and sweet, good girls. Drop Everything Now is no different from her other books in that respect. Instead she tosses together two people in difficult situations that could happen to anyone.

Andi's story is heartbreaking to me. Maybe because I'm a college student who's put herself on a strict deadline for graduation and is always worrying about her family needing her. But reading about her worrying over her mom and really wanting to make sure she graduates on time, I could felt her anxiety and her indecision. She was desperate to help and be there, but she also had to try and put herself and her needs first. It's always a tough call and it was portrayed so well in this book.

Then there's Ryder and his super plausible back story. He was a nice guy who had a good job, and then with the economy going bad and all of the consequences of that, he lost his job. He still had responsibilities, so he found another job to make sure he could take care of those responsibilities...he just happened to decide to do that by being a stripper. One of the sweetest strippers I could imagine, really. He has a lot on his shoulders and a two sucky jobs, but he doesn't complain. If anything, he takes on more responsibility. 

The romance? Oh, the romance. Ryder and Andi had a natural chemistry from the start. They were both in tough situations that just seemed to keep getting tougher. They were able to help each other to an extent, but also recognized that some struggles have to be handled as individuals. The relationship wasn't really sugar coated. But there was still plenty of sexy times. It's the best distraction for tough times, really. 

The writing is classically Alessandra - addicting enough that I read it in two sittings when I should've been doing about five thousand other things. The book was fun, but still had a lot of depth. It was well paced and kept the action moving and never felt drawn out or like there was something missing. I worried a bit when I saw the pretty low estimated page count, but it was silly for me to even question it. Besides the fact there's no way for me to even know that it was accurate, Alessandra can always deliver.

Alessandra is truly a master of New Adult books. Depth, sexy times, good writing, character development, and relationship development, wrapped up in a neat little book. I highly recommend her books to all New Adult lovers, especially those looking for more than just a sexy romance.


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