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From Page to Screen (6)

I think it was the end of September that I last did one of these posts? So most of these updates are probably old news now, but I like to gather them all together in one place anyway in case anyone missed anything.

Plus, I wanted to ask you all what you thought of a couple of adaptations that have been released recently, so that'll be a new section.

Promotional stuff (trailers, clips, posters, etc.):
  • The Fault in Our Stars movie poster was released. Also, I've seen some gif sets floating around on
    tumblr of what looks like Shailene and Ansel filming some scenes (in Amsterdam? I think?), not sure what video it was from but you can see them here, and here, and here.
  • The first official clip for the Divergent movie has been released (and has successfully made me adore the dude playing Four). I think there's been some other Divergent related stuff released too but I've lost the list I had of things to include in this, but you'll probably find it all on this fan site. You can watch the trailer here too, if you missed it.
  • Vampire Academy movie released a better trailer than the teaser they released a few months ago. There's also been quite a few stills from the movie released too, you can find those here (and that site seems to update more frequently with adaptation news, which is awesome).

  • This one is a bit older and might not appeal to everyone because it's French but here's the trailer for Belle et la Bete, the new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. I think it looks pretty awesome, I just hope it's released at some point with subtitles/dubbed so I can watch it.
Casting Updates:
  • Fifty Shades of Gray has had a casting change (Jamie Dornan playing Christian now instead of Charlie Hunnam), as well as a bunch of new casting updates. You can see the cast list here. And there's a video of them filming a scene here.
  • Jennifer Lawrence is playing the lead in Burial Rites. This news is pretty old, but it didn't really register with me until I bought the book and then stumbled across the movie news for it again.
  • Mockingjay has had some casting updates too. I can't remember which are old and which are new, so you can just check out the current cast list here.
  • And I can't even remember if I knew this movie was happening, but Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List (based on the book by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan) seems to have a full cast list, with Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode as the leads. I'm excited to see this one as a movie, I didn't enjoy the book as much as Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, but it might work better in movie form.
Older stuff/rights sold:
So this is stuff I stumbled across while finding links for this post and most of it is quite a few months old so it's old news but new to me and some of them sound pretty interesting.
  • MTV are doing an adaptation of Shannara, a series of fantasy novels by Terry Brooks (it will be based on the second book in the series, The Elfstones of Shannara).
  • ABC Studios are doing an adaptation of Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld. I haven't read that book, but I have Prep, one of the authors other novels, on my shelf somewhere waiting to be read.
  • There's an adaptation of Room by Emma Donnoghue in the works.
  • The movie rights to Elusion by Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam were sold too (I think this news is really old, but I don't think the novel is even released until early 2014).
Opinions (mine, and tell me yours):
Catching Fire: So I wasn't actually looking forward to the movie. I didn't follow the production or anything the way I did with the first, I showed little interest in casting updates and all that--maybe because I am thoroughly burned out on the dystopian genre. But yeah, I wasn't excited, but I saw the movie anyway and it was actually really awesome. It made me cry at the right parts, it stayed true to the book, it wasn't boring and I really loved the cast and was awesome, I loved it. Way more than the first movie actually.

Frozen: As far as adaptations go, it wasn't particularly faithful to the original story, it was clearly just inspired by it. But anyway...I really liked it.

There's been a lot of complaining online--mostly on tumblr--about this movie, with people claiming it's
anti-feminist (I disagree), that the plot/characters are bad (mostly disagree), that it's guilty of white washing (I kind of disagree, but I see where they're coming from, because a certain character could have been a person of colour and it would've been awesome if he was, but him not being a person of colour isn't necessarily inaccurate either), and mostly about the appropriation of Sami culture (this I mostly agree with, but I do think it's possible to like a movie whilst still acknowledging its issues).

Basically, the movie wasn't as amazing as I hoped it would be and, in hindsight, I think it would've been pretty awesome if Disney had done a bit more research and maybe consulted some actual Sami people when trying to write a Sami character, but it was still a fun movie to watch.

The animation was gorgeous, it felt very magical and wintery. The music...wasn't brilliant, it had two songs that I liked but I wish they'd chosen a more suitable voice actress for Elsa--as much as I adore Idina Menzel, she made Elsa sound way, way, way older than she was supposed to be.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: I was really looking forward to this show for months, and I'm actually
really enjoying it. The animation isn't particularly good, but it's watchable. I love the characters and the fact that the female characters especially are really awesome.

I love the Alice/Cyrus relationship too, because they're equals unlike those stories that will have the guys lie or make decisions for the girls because they're trying to protect them/do what's best for them, Cyrus is honest with Alice and he lets her choose what's best for her, and he doesn't underestimate her and her abilities either (and seems pretty content to let her do the rescuing too).

The characters in this one are just awesome and the villains make more sense than in the regular Once Upon a Time. Plus, the dude that plays Cyrus has an awesome smile. I think they could've gotten a better actress to play Alice, but she has her moments and she has good chemistry with Cyrus and the Knave, so that's something.

The Book Thief: This isn't my opinion, seeing as I've not seen the movie yet, but Julie has (she got to go to
a screening and I think she went to a Q&A type thing or something with the cast too?) and I wanted to link
her post about that for anyone who missed it.

Have any of you watched/been watching any of these? What are your thoughts (on the ones I talked about, and the other updates)?


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  1. LOLz... Elsa is fine to me... but I would prefer if she was more evil than just half assed..



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