Monday, 16 December 2013

Switched by Cassie Mae

by Cassie Mae

Summary: Ever since high school, Kayla has been crazy for gorgeous football player Talon. But before she could muster the courage to tell him, he became a hot item with her beautiful BFF, Reagan. The only person who knows Kayla’s secret is Wesley, Talon’s best bud—and he’s got it bad for Reagan. Now they’re all in college together, hanging out 24/7. For Kayla, seeing the two lovebirds together is absolutely unbearable. So Kayla and Wesley hatch a plot to drive them apart before Talon has a chance to give Reagan the Christmas gift she’s been waiting for.

Soon enough, the once happy couple is fighting. Reagan suddenly can’t get enough of Wesley’s goofy sense of humor, and Talon seems to be paying more attention to Kayla than a guy who’s “only a friend” ever should. But just when everything seems to be falling into place, Kayla and Wesley accidentally spend a night together and discover a hitch in their plan they never considered: that switching partners may not lead to a perfect ending after all.
This book is an odd one, and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I was going to.

Books that do the whole in love with the best friends boyfriend plot tend to be a hit or miss for me, and after the first few chapters of this one I was convinced this was going to be a miss. Thankfully, it proved me wrong.

The main character was really annoying...and yet I couldn't put the book down. The story had me thoroughly hooked pretty early on. Even when I didn't like Kayla she still made me laugh and I still wanted to keep reading and I really wanted her and Wesley to end up together.

I think that's what made the book work most of all: Wesley. He was lovely and adorable and definitely one of my favourite male characters in a while. I actually liked Kayla when she was with him and their scenes together were the highlights of the book--well worth putting up with Kayla being ridiculous. The majority of the stuff in the book that had me laughing was from her scenes with him.

When she was pining after her best friends boyfriend, she was whiny and annoying and came across as shallow and selfish and a pretty bad friend, but by the end she had actually grown as a character and I liked her...and liked the book more because of that - it's not easy to make me change my mind about a character if I really don't like them through most of the book, but Cassie Mae managed it. 

I wasn't totally sold on any of the other characters in the book except for Wesley and Kayla though. Reagan and Talon were pretty bland characters so it made having to read through chapter after chapter of Wesley and Kayla going on about those two even more frustrating. I get that we're supposed to be rooting for Wesley and Kayla to happen, but it would've been nice to be shown what is so great about Reagan and Talon that would have them "in love" with them for so long and willing to hurt their best friends to be with them.

The plot was predictable, but not in a bad way--I wanted to read the book because I was in the mood to read a story just like this one, so it was just what I wanted. It was a very Midsummer Night's Dream love square type situation. 

There's not much else I have to say about the book. It was cute and addictive and laugh-out-loud funny at times. I really recommend it if you want something fun and quick to read. I'd rate it 4 stars out of 5. And now I'm going to check out some of the authors other books, hopefully they'll make me smile like this one did.


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