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Blogger Life: I Don't Go to Libraries (And Other Confessions)

This week, the TTT was blogger confessions. I didn't participate because...reasons. So, more in-depth confessions for you now!

1.) I Don't Like Libraries

Don't get me wrong - I love librarians and I love what libraries do. They're great and I'll do what I can to help them! But I won't get my books from them. They don't work for me. I hate having deadlines for my reading, which is why I suck at school reading. I'm a mood reader and then there's the pressure of keeping the book pristine and what if there's a wait list for the book? I'm not having it. This is also why I don't really do a ton of review blog tours and why I don't borrow many books from friends.

2.) Screw Schedules

Like I just said, I'm a mood reader. If I want to read a book, I will, even if it's not out for six more months. Does this mean most things aren't reviewed by release date? Yes, but that's not HORRIBLY damaging. I sincerely doubt my review would drive enough people to buy the book in its release week so it hits the bestseller list. And yes the first week is important, but it also needs to KEEP selling. So, I can give it a little boost post release when there aren't dozens of other people posting about it and put it back in your radars. Everyone wins, right?

But seriously, schedules don't work for me. I've tried monthly TBRs, weekly TBRs, general TBRs for my next reads - none of it works. Deadlines and due dates are too much like school work and I've got enough of that thanks.

3.) No Hate

Some of you may have noticed a rise in gushing reviews on the blog. Don't expect that to stop. It's not that I'm anti-negative review at all. I just haven't been picking up books I won't like. As a reader, I've figured out my tastes and I'm way better at selecting reads and who I should listen to for recommendations.

4.) Reading Fail

I know a lot of bloggers talk about not commenting and feeling bad about it. But at least they read the blogs. I follow relatively few bloggers, virtually no new bloggers, and I visit blogs rarely. I checkout book hauls, TBRs, and the occasional discussion post or conference recap. There are some books I love enough I might read their reviews if I see them. There are like three bloggers who have similar reading tastes and standards as me who will post reviews of books I'm already intrigued by and I will SKIM it to see their general opinion.

Basically, I don't read reviews of books I haven't read for reasons I'll explain next. And I don't really need to read reviews for books I have read for obvious reasons. And most of the time, I don't care about memes or features. So I don't visit blogs. And I don't comment while I sit at my computer and wallow about our blog not getting comments. #hypocrite

5.) Don't Spoil Me!

I'm hypersensitive to spoilers. As in I don't even want to nkow you're reaction to certain pages. You laughed? Frowned? Cried? Ate a cookie? DON'T WANNA KNOW. It won't put me off reading it (probably), but it will pull me from the book. I'll be trying to look for what was pointed out or what caused certain reactions instead of focusing on the book. So I won't read your review and I hate your goodreads updates. Also why I hate livetweeting of new things as they air since I have no TV 90% of the time.

6.) Not Just YA

It's true. I still love my YA, but it's not the only love in my life anymore. I've had an affair with historical romances for years. New Adult and I have a flirtation. Non-fiction is my secret love. Adult fiction has been sneaking on to my shelves and waving at me. I've been working NA onto the blog and soon I'll be incorporating more...hopefully (but not the romances. It's an affair for a reason). Mostly, it'll be based on what you want to see. I'll still be bringing in a little bit of all of it. But how much of each depends on how you guys feel. Because I'd like to not feel bad when I deviate from YA.

7.) Emails Are Amazing...

I love emails. I love review requests and interview requests and guest post requests and questions and people saying hi. I crave a full inbox, piles and piles of emails. But most of mine are websites or subscriptions that get deleted quickly or requests that I reject. So boring. I want a REASON to obsessively check my email. I want to not be able to handle all of my emails in an hour. I have about 30 emails in my inbox right now and I'd say 20 of them are just so I don't forget about things.

8.) ...But I Won't Send Them

I never email people. Not friends. Not authors I adore/am friends with. Not publicists who I'm friends with/invite me to email them. I'm terrified to. What if our friendship isn't where I think it is/I'm secretly hated? What if I come off as a creep? What if I seem greedy? What if they're busy? I would just be a bother, right? So, I request too many egalleys and hope to get the book some other way. A friend or a request or a really good sale or something. It's absurd of me - we have decent stats. We're pretty established. I have contacts at nearly every house and I've met many of them in person and chatted with them. But nope. Won't do it, even when I'm specifically told to send them an email. (True Story: I had a publicist tell me she was leaving her job and would be sending out an email after the event we were at explaining in more detail and she gave me her personal email. I never got that explanation email. Because she didn't have mine. Because I had NEVER EMAILED HER after years of knowing her. And I still haven't emailed her personal email to check in BECAUSE I'M THE WORST.)

9.) I Don't Buy Books

Obviously, this isn't 100% true. You guys have seen the rather absurd amount of hauls I've brought back from Strand trips and signings in the past couple of years. But that's over. I pretty much won't be buying books for the rest of the year. And probably most of next year. It KILLS me to think about the books I'm going to be missing out on and the signings where I'll walk away without a shiny new signed copy. But I have a lot of major expenses in the next couple of years that can only happen if I stop spending money on books/most fun things. Or stop eating/having internet. Those are basically the options. So, a serious halt is coming on buying books with the exception of these big events I'm saving up for anyway.

10.) I Need ARCs to Blog

I'll be real with you - I could not pick up another book in any way for a really long time and just read what's on my TBR and be good for a year or two and just blog about those. But that's mostly because of ARCs and egalleys I've gotten that make up a good deal of my TBR. And if the incoming ones stopped, I still can't really buy books for the time being and when I can, I'm not sure I want to gamble on unread ones when I have so many LOVED ones I still need to get. And I don't do libraries. So when my TBR ends, which will be sooner than it appears because of DNFs, without ARCs and egalleys...what would I have to blog about? Not a whole lot. If I'd never gotten ARCs/egalleys, then I'd have been screwed ages ago. I know I can't keep blogging for THAT much longer since I want to work in publishing, but the idea that I would have to shut myself down due to lack of reading material is horrifying.

11.) I Love Unsolicited Book Mail

Pretty much all of my book mail is unsolicited these days since I don't request and don't get a lot of requests. And I love it even though I can't read most of them anyway. They're usually sequels or things I just have zero interest in so I gift them to a friend or donate them. But there's something about a package where you have no idea what's inside it that intrigues me. It excites me to think of the possibilities when I get to think about what it MIGHT be. And big packages with multiple books? They'll get me drooling. Even if you're not a publisher, I love it. I really love mail, guys. Any mail I'm not expecting especially.

12.) I Started Blogging for ARCs

Everyone's always like "I started blogging to talk about the books I love because my friends were tired of me!" Yeah, no. Really young teenager Julie saw all these blogs where people magically got books and was SO HERE FOR IT. This blog was already up and running and I'd reviewed a couple books, but realizing I could GET STUFF for it? Game changer. Because I had no local bookstore. I didn't go to the library. I'd have to beg my parents' to bring me to Barnes and Noble every couple weeks when I ran out of reading material. I didn't even have an ereader at the time and was resorting to buying myself B&N gift cards so I could buy books not in stock from the internet. OF COURSE I was interested in ARCs. And I did send a couple of emails really early on (after a couple weeks, I think?) but blogging was newer then and that wasn't TOTALLY extreme. But I didn't get my first ARC for 7 or 8 months, which I think was a bit longer than the normal time, but it was cool because my "OOH ARCs" feels had died down by then and I really did just love blogging and the community a lot.

13.) No Fancasts From Me

I'm kind of the worst with faces. Like, I could not physically describe to you 99% of the characters in books I read. Their skin color, their eyes, their hair, their nose, their body type (well...I can guess that because LOL BODY DIVERSITY AM I RIGHT?). Unless it's a really distinctive feature and plays into their personality/the story, I'm clueless. Absolutely. Clueless. So don't ask me. I'll nod and smile at whatever you say.

I thiiiink that covers everything? Maybe? It definitely covers a lot! Feel free to ask about things and spill some of your secrets in the comments!


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  1. I really like how honest you are about like ARCs and stuff. Great post!



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