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Top Ten Tuesday: Compulsively Collectible Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish.

Today we're talking about authors we own the most books by and I'm honestly kinda shocked by which mine were. 

Note: This may not be totally accurate. I can't physically check and browsing every Goodreads shelves of books I own in various forms would take forever, so I cheated by seeing which authors I read the most of on my Goodreads shelf overall, then checked to see where I had the most books.

1. Meg Cabot - 23 Books: This surprised me a lot. I know I've had a long term love of Meg Cabot, but I certainly didn't think it was THIS intense. Probably has a lot to do with being able to find a lot of her backlist super cheap at the used bookstore near where we vacationed for ~5 years in Wildwood. Even more shocking? This DOESN'T include the Princess Diaries books. I read most of them, but I don't think I still own them. This is mostly her adult books, but a couple of her YA series. I also counted the one romance novel I have under her pseudonym, Patricia Cabot. 

2. Richelle Mead - 11 Books: This shouldn't have surprised me, really. I eagerly devoured her 6 book Vampire Academy series, have 2 books in her spin off Bloodlines series, and marathoned the VA graphic novel series - which she technically wrote - earlier this year.

2. Sarah Dessen - 11 Books: I mean, obviously. I own all of her books (even if I still haven't read 3 of them). And she's been at this shizz for a while so...only makes sense, yeah? [True Story: I somehow got on her ARC list and I'm not sure if I'm more shocked that I've gotten two of her ARCs or that they still MAKE ARCs for her.]

2. Sophie Jordan - 11 Books: Another surprise that shouldn't be one. I LOVED Firelight, so when she was her on tour I bought the rest of the series, I've got both of her New Adult books so far, and I LOVE her romances, so I've got a lot of those in my collection. Yet I still didn't expect this. Hmm.

3. Eloisa James - 10 Books: This shocked me a bit too, but it does also include some novellas. And since nearly half my collection is as ebooks, it's easy to forget just how many there are. She's one of my favorite romance novelists though, especially her fairy tale romance series. I have all of them (except possibly a novella or two).

3. J.K. Rowling - 10 Books: I kind of expected this one. I mean, the Harry Potter series alone is 7 books. Then I have multiple editions of the books. The first four of my original collection, I technically share with my mom, so I recently got the fancy new box set. Plus the additional Harry Potter world content and my precious, signed copy of The Casual Vacancy. So, technically 10, but if we factor in duplicates (and we say 50% ownership of 4 of the books counts), it's actually 17.

3. Melissa de la Cruz - 10 Books: So, this one's debatable. I do have ARCs of both of her new series I've been meaning to read but heard iffy things on. And I also have all the Blue Bloods books 1-6 including some novellas because they were my crack series...but it maybe 1-5. Goodreads says I got the sixth book as a finished copy for review, which I have NO memory of and I couldn't verify if this is true. So I'm not 100% sure if I do own book 6, but I'm assuming I do? I feel like I probably do, but if that's really how I got it is questionable.

3. Julie Kagawa - 10 Books: I'm HORRIBLY behind on my Julie Kagawa. I haven't started the spin-off series. I haven't read the Blood of Eden sequels. And I had to put aside Talon ages ago and haven't picked it back up. But I HAVE all of them, largely thanks to Harlequin cocktail parties/special events I've been invited to by them. Because they're amazeballs.

4. Scott Westerfeld - 9 Books: This shocked me more than it should have. Pre-blogging, I read two of his trilogies (one which became a...quadrology?), I own Leviathan, and I grabbed Afterworlds at BEA.  Man's written a lotta books, you know? P.S. I'd recommend starting with Midnighters. Screw everyone else who says Uglies, Midnights is STELLAR and such an awesome premise.

Somewhere in this Top 10.  Jane Austen: So, my Goodreads shelf is screwy and added a bunch of authors who...aren't Jane Austen. BUT, I do own at least one copy of 8 of her books (including some of the incomplete/finished by other editions). And as I own 4 copies of Pride and Prejudice (soon to be 5) and at least two copies of two other editions, she should definitely be on this list. I just don't know where she falls since my collection is spread out between my parents' and my apartment. But, I have approximately 13 of her books.

You'll notice this technically stops at 9 since Jane isn't "officially" on the list. Well, that's because when I get to authors I have 8 books by, there are another 4 authors and I'd rather not talk about another 4 authors and go definitively over 10. 

So, authors who have written 8 books that I own: Julia QuinnJodi Picoult, Christina Lauren, and Sarah MacLean.

A lot more adult/romance authors on this list then I would've thought, but it makes sense. I regularly burn out on YA series because I have to remember so many details and with the volume of books I read a year, that's just not feasible. Plus, by time the sequel's out, I just don't love the book as much. AND, I don't review sequels on the blog unless I get ARCs of them (which isn't super common) so they get pushed back further and I just don't bother buying many anymore. With all these romances I read, they might be in series, but I can read them in any order. I don't need to read the previous books at all. It gives me a lot more freedom, a lot less fatigue. Jodi Picoult doesn't even write series, I just went through a phase. 

And of the YA authors who CAN use series to explain why they're on my list? I read at least part of all those series pre-blogging or in the very early stages of blogging. My ability to read YA sequels has suffered a LOT from blogging, partly because of ARCs. It may also be because I'm more up on newer releases, so I DO have to wait a year+ between books and can't just binge read the series, as I did with a lot pre-blogging. 

Interesting little exercise. Definitely didn't expect these kinds of results!

How bout everyone else who did it? Any major surprises? Any overlaps?



  1. Wow, 23 books by Meg Cabot and it *doesn't* include her Princess Diaries series? I am impressed. I counted 25 by her in my collection, but I think I own all but one of the PD series, so that made up a good chunk of the total. I too was surprised by just how many of her books I own!

    My Top Ten list

  2. I didn't realise I had so many Meg Cabot books until this post made me want to check--I have 15 physical and 1 e-book (and 2 of the physical books are bind ups, so it could be considered 18 books in total). Her longer series have such short books that it doesn't feel like they're taking up much shelf space.

    I kind of want to reread The Mediator series now.



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