Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite TV Shows

A little late on this. Oops!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's top is favorite TV shows or movies, but I could never pick my favorite movies. They're kind of like my favorite books that way. So, TV shows it is!

Current Shows

1. Reign - This show is kind of awful, guys. It's so historically inaccurate and the costumes are basically blinged up prom dresses, but MY SOUL DOESN'T CARE. I'm so dedicated to this show. SO DEDICATED. I've started following some of the incredibly attractive cast members on social media sites and even in real LIFE they're amazing (and gorgeous) and I just. Never let this show end.
2. Scandal - Oh Scandal. It used to be SO GOOD and now it's...a thing. That's happening a lot. But it's happening a lot TO ME still because I can't seem to stop watching? And I will still probably cut anyone who spoils me since I can't watch in real time? So.
3. Orphan Black - I just recently binge watched the first season and MAN. The writing! The cast! TATIANA MASLANY'S ACTING. The fact that she's not even nominated for an Emmy is a CRIME. It's just so brilliantly written and twisty and has this amazing cast and shh go away until you've watched it. (BUT I HAVEN'T WATCHED SEASON 2 YET SHUSH)
4. Game of Thrones - I mean, obviously. I haven't read the books and I don't have any plans to, but really, I'm just watching to see Sansa Stark eff shit up and take over.
5. Doctor Who - This show has been awful since Moffat took over, to be honest. But I keep watching. And hoping. I think I really just want to make sure I'm up to date whenever Moffat's finally booted.
6. Sleepy Hollow - My Roommate is entirely at fault for this. Last year at NYCC, this was the only non-bookish panel I went to (and I showed up to the panel before it to make sure we both got seats). The cast is amazing and so diverse and the writing is great and it's just this really fun, sometimes creepy, show.
7. Downton Abbey - My love for this show runs deep, no matter how it's gone down in quality and what questionable choices it's made. I actually own the first two seasons and will probably get season 3 during the holidays. I also usually watch with the Brits because I'm a rebel like that.

Other Shows I Watch: Sister Wives, My 5 Wives, Young & Hungry, Melissa and Joey, The 100, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report

Old Shows

8. The Nanny - While at my parents', I've found reruns of The Nanny and I will literally just sit on the couch and watch these episodes, even if I know half of them by heart. I will never stop loving this show. Never.
9. Veronica Mars - I was a late comer to this show. I didn't start watching until the Kickstarter happened and was all kinds of epic. I was invested enough by time it ended that I did donate a dollar so I could get all the news and help as much as I was really capable of. I've already watched it again once and dragged my roommate to see the movie with me...which we have now watched together several times.
10. Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 - This show was just SO fun and hilarious and I adored it. I'm horrified that it was cancelled so soon and therefore I have so little of it in my life.

Honorable Mentions: The Carrie Diaries, Friends, How I Met Your Mother

Almost all of these shows are available somewhere online, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix (or their network's website which may or may not require you to put in your cable info) and I strongly recommend finding them if you can!


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  1. Haha, yeah the costumes on Reign are so TOTALLY anachronistic. But the show is really entertaining and somewhat unpredictable, and Megan Follows is wonderful as Catherine de Medici, so I think it can be forgiven :D



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