Tuesday, 7 July 2015

An Announcement: #AtMyBookstore

As bloggers, we all love books. The smell and texture and weight of them. As beloved as our ereaders can be, there's still something incredible about holding a book. One of our best resources for getting books and finding new titles are our local bookstores. Walking in and browsing the shelves always reveals new treasures. And many of our bookstores are in danger from lack of business and need us now more than ever. We're all proud of our favorite bookstores and love them, so why not celebrate them?

That's why, partnered with YA Interrobang, we're introducing #AtMyBookstore, an initiative to get you to your local bookstores - indie, used, or chain - show them off and maybe get to know them a bit better. We want you, as bloggers, to visit your local bookstores between August 17 and August 31. Check out the shelves, talk to your booksellers about ordering in books or getting events in or just what they recommend! Let us see what cool, unique displays your stores have or what your favorite section is. Tell us why your bookstore is amazing.

And we want you to share your experiences using the hashtag #AtMyBookstore. Tweet about them, Instagram them. Hit up tumblr and Facebook. And definitely post all about it on your blogs! Connect with your stores in person and online so we can all see why your store is so amazing.

As a bonus, you can get rewarded just for participating. We want to see your shelfies (selfie+shelves)! If you post a shelfie on twitter and include the hash tag, you can be entered to win one of several prize packs being offered up by some publishers. For an extra entry, show off the books you picked up while you were there! And you can do this in as many of your local stores as you'd like.

Join the #AtMyBookstore campaign!
Pick up this button over at Interrobang!

I hope you'll all join us in talking about this campaign and participating in it and I'm excited to see all your bookstores!


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