Monday, 3 October 2016

The Special Ones by Em Bailey

The Special Ones
by Em Bailey

Summary: Esther is one of the four Special Ones. They are chosen by him to live under his protection in a remote farmhouse, and they must always be ready to broadcast their lives to eager followers in the outside. But on renewal day when he decides that a new Esther, Harry, Lucille or Felicity must take their place, the old ones disappear – forever. The new ones don’t always want to come, but soon they realise.

Until one day Esther has a realisation of her own – and it changes everything.
I had very high hopes for this book and it was kind of a let down...but also not. What it boils down to really was just that it wasn't what I was expecting it to be and it contained one of my pet peeves in this type of book.

The first chunk of the book was pretty slow and boring. It feels like not much happens, then the second part almost feels like a different book entirely -- it starts speeding through everything and it would've been really good, except it introduces a new POV into the mix when it gets to that part.

The new POV was the biggest issue I had with the book. I really, really don't like when the bad guys POV is included in the story, with very few exceptions. It just totally shatters all of the suspense the story could have had -- we're not trying to figure out what the bad guys motivations are or what he's thinking, because we're told. We don't get caught up worrying what he might be planning, because we're told. And it adds a very Scooby Doo soap opera tone and adds a weird element of ridiculousness to a story that should be raw and gritty.

I went into the book expecting it to be full of psychological intrigue and for it to mess with my emotions because of the cult story line...I didn't get any of that really. But, the saving grace of the story were the characters (bad guy excluded): I loved the main character and the other captives in the house, loved the dynamics of their relationships and her relationship with her parents.

Basically, it was a good book, a lot of it just wasn't my cup of tea but it was well written with a good cast of characters. If you want to read a cult book that is entertaining and not emotionally draining as those books can usually be, I really recommend checking this one out.

I'd rate it 3 stars out of 5.


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